What to pack: What’s in my travel makeup bag

27th April 2014

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but here’s something a little different for ya. I’m planning on doing a “what’s in my camera bag” and “what’s in my suitcase” at a later time, so stay tuned if that’s what you’re into.

With my previously crazy busy life in Canada, my morning smoothie-and-makeup routine was often the only down time I would get in the day, and so makeup sort of became a relaxing hobby. Both applying it to my face, reading about it online, and shopping for it. I slowly became an avid consumer of beauty blogs and YouTube beauty channels, and I’m guessing this possibly had to do with my growing makeup collection (which is mostly in a box in a self storage in Canada at the moment).

Deciding on a selection of products to pack for the trip required several edits until I narrowed it down to what I believe to be my most necessary makeup items (YAGNI, people). However, if I’m honest, I go makeup free about 75% of the time. The rest of the time, I mostly just use mascara and I sometimes fix my eyebrows a bit. The tropical south east Asian climate is a bit of a recipe for a makeup disaster anyway, as you are constantly drenched in sweat. Quoi qu’il en soit, here is the content of my travel makeup bag 🙂

1. LAURA MERCIER Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15 in Real Sand
I was looking far and wide for a mineral powder that would act as a sunblock and matifier and I’m still searching, but for lack of time, this is the one I have settled on for the trip – not without trying a different one about 5 times at Sephora until I stopped because they probably thought I was being a knob. This was way too dark for me before leaving, but now that I got a tan, the color is a much better match. However. I didn’t want something this covering: like I said, I only wanted a mattifying mineral sunblock. My previous experience with a clear mineral powder was that it made me look like a ghost. For the time being, whenever I happen to use this, I dilute it with a little bit of baby powder in my hand before applying. It usually keeps me matte for about 10 minutes. A very unnecessary item in my bag.

2. CLÉ DE PEAU Concealer in Ocher
This is one of those crazy impulsive purchases that I should have never done because now I’m addicted. Yes, it is crazy expensive, but it is THE BEST concealer ever, in my opinion. And this comes from a chronically sleep deprived, dark-ringed-eyes zombie, so trust me.

3. CARGO Blush in Laguna
Back home I am a full blown blush addict, but I somehow managed to pack only one. This matte coral is the perfect summery shade for my now rather tanned complexion, and the non-shimmery natural texture is perfect for clammy little faces.

4. TWEEZERMAN Point Tweezer
No explanation needed here. I’m a pointy tweezer type of gal. These are super precise.

5. ECOTOOLS Mini Essential Brush Set
I’ve loved and used Ecotools makeup brushes for quite a while now. They are affordable, super soft, good quality, and vegan. These are super cute and perfect for my tiny makeup bag. I mostly only use the powder brush, both for mineral foundation and blush. I’ve also used the eyeshadow brush a few times for concealer. Buy them from iHerb and get $10 off your first order with coupon code WEZ549.

I used to think this was a useless contraption of torture until I tried it with the Tarte mascara. Can’t live without it!

7. M.A.C Lipstick in Lady Danger
I had to carry at least one lipstick with me just I case. The case has yet to happen, but this is such a bright and easy pick me up! I always get complimented when I wear this.

8. ELIZABETH ARDEN Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 20
I use this on the daily to protect my chops from the sun and give them a nice sheen.

9. M.A.C. Lip Pencil in Redd
What the titles says, but this also doubles up as a more subdued, easier to wear lip color under lip balm.

10. ARDENCY INN PUNKER Unrivaled Volume & Curl Lash Wax
I’ve read rave reviews about this, so I picked it up before I left for when my Tarte one runs out – but I have yet to use it. I shall report back on it when I start using it. It’s a bit of a clunky massive tube if I have to say something about it.

11. TARTE Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara
Back home, I’m not that much into waterproof mascaras because they are a pain to take off a night, but while travelling (and swimming), it’s a must! The cheeky truth is, I don’t take it off at night, and it last for a few days… I know it’s probably bad for my lashes, but I haven’t really been using it that much, maybe once a week. I had this mascara for a while back home and I wasn’t using it all that much until I had a revelation using it with my eyelash curlers: it holds curls like crazy! I have quite long lashes, so this alone has a huge impact at opening up my often tired eyes. Hands down my favourite mascara of all time.

12. KAT VON D Tattoo Liner
I got really into winged liner a few months before I left and this thing is so foolproof and easy to use that I thought I would carry on using it during my travel. Lol, how wrong was I. It’s tiny and doesn’t take much room though, so I’m keeping it. I used to use the M.A.C. gel liner with a fine brush, but this bad boy has changed everything. It’s so precise, pigmented, long wearing and SO SO easy. Really amazing.

13. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso
This is by far one of my favorite makeup products to have with me at all time, it’s quick and easy and perfect for when you don’t have time to do a full eyebrow makeup. It adds oomph to my brows by colouring the tiny pale hair and gives the impression of a fuller, more arched, more groomed, darker – in short, better – set of eyebrows. Best thing that ever happened to my eyebrows.

14. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Wiz in Ebony and Dark Brown
I am admittedly a little obsessed about my eyebrows. I don’t really care all that much while travelling, but I still use this about once a week when I feel like making myself look a bit more groomed. This eyebrow pencil is outstanding. It’s the finest, most natural looking one I have ever come across, it’s got no reddish undertone like a lot of dark brown pencils do, it’s long lasting and water resistant. The spooly brush at the other end is perfect for taming unruly hair.

Yeah, this is kind of turning into an Anastasia infomercial. What can I say, their products are great! I bought this on a whim before I left because my tinted brow gel was running low and, ehrm, because eyebrows. I had read good reviews about it and I thought it would be good to use with the Brow Wiz pencils to fix the colour in place and make sure it doesn’t smudge in the heat. Unfortunately I don’t like this as much as the tinted gel, I find it gets very “crunchy” and I have to resist the urge to pick at the crunchies in the day. It does its job at fixing your brows in place, that’s for sure. Use a light hand when applying.

So there you have it, a mostly unutilized little bag of goodies 😉
What are your must have makeup items when you travel?

4 thoughts on “What to pack: What’s in my travel makeup bag

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  2. Kaja

    I really love your blog and also you’re YouTube channel! And also the ‘what’s in my..’ posts. I think it’s super interesting and I think you should keep it up 😉
    For me, concealer and mascara are my must haves 🙂

    1. Amélie Post author

      Hey, thanks so much for the feedback Kaja! 🙂 I shall definitely try to include more “what in my….” posts in the next future! 🙂

  3. ayu

    I used to bother packing a concealer in my toiletries bag (it’s not called a make-up bag with me, haha), but I gave up on it since I only bring one thing to wash my face, hair, body, and clothes with. And that often leaves me feeling not-so-clean. I wouldn’t want to put make-up on that skin! But it usually looks very raidant and nice when I travel. I think other places don’t have such hard water as my home, and that helps. Does lip balm count as make-up? 🙂 I sometimes bring a red lipstick, but I haven’t used it on any of my travels yet.


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