Surf Vacay in Rincon, Puerto Rico

12th September 2010

Wow good thing I said I would be back with Puerto Rico photos tomorrow last Monday! The week went by very quickly with the beginning of class and me running all over the place to get everything sorted (schedule, tuition, reading materials, pencils, blah). It has also been a week of not doing much else post half-marathon. I did go on a 5k run on Wednesday afternoon and that was all. Already trying to catch up on school assignments and readings.

But anyway. A year ago, Richard and I were in Puerto Rico and I wanted to share some photos. It was good remembering the great times we had by looking through my photos to do this montage. Going to the Caribbean in the off-season can be a bit iffy weather-wise but so worth it! We had wonderful sandy beaches all to ourselves the whole time through, not a single drop of rain (but one tropical storm alert!) and a fantastic room in a bed and breakfast where we were the only guests. Food, surf camp, reading, beach bumming. It was amazing. In case you are wondering, we were in Rincon at a place called Surf 787. I highly recommend them if you are planning a holiday around there. Fantastic hosts, fantastic place, fantastic food, fantastic dogs.

Surf Vacay in Rincon, Puerto Rico

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