Mock Duck Noodle Bowl recipe

19th March 2011

On a recent visit to D&G Supermarket (In the brand new Swatow Plaza in Chinatown (Montreal)), I stumble upon these babes:

Before you say EW, this is just seitan, all what it contains is wheat flour, water, sugar, salt (unfortunately aloooot of salt) and spices. Now, if you turn a blind eye on the sodium content (!!!), there is 39 grams of protein per can, and that, my friends, is fabulous news for the two working-out-trying-to build-muscle skinny little vegetarians that we are! 

Seitan is a fabulous alternative to our usual beans or lentils, and  I generally make my own, but it’s a bit of a hassle when you don’t have time. So I was super stoked to actually find those – such a time-saver on a busy weekday or on an end-of-semester Saturday evening!

So anyway, the reason I got so excited about the mock duck is the lovely IsaChandra from the Post Punk Kitchen (ALL the recipes are great, we have nearly tried them all and have never been disappointed) and her amazing Lemongrass Noodle bowl with Mock Duck. I made it once with my own home made seitan, and I had leftover frozen broth, so dinner was a piece of cake!

Steamy!  We are huge fans of noodle bowls and this hit the spot!  Kind of reminds me of Wagamama, one of our favorite places for a grub in the UK.

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