Packing Essentials For Your European Travel

28th January 2021

2020 has been a wild ride so far, we have faced the worst pandemic in recent history which resulted in a global lockdown and irreparable damage to the economy forcing hundreds of businesses to close their doors for good. What’s more is no business was safe, regardless of size or industry in which they operate, this left countless employees on furlough, locked within their 4 walls to avoid contact to prevent further spread. In recent weeks we have been given a beacon of hope, and that’s the gradual easing of lockdown measures and some certainty that we can begin to get our lives back on track, whilst continuing to stay alert and social distance. This means only one thing; our summer holiday plans are back on the cards!

To help you prepare for your European travel this year I’ve put together what I think are the best packing essentials for your summer holiday! Important thing to note for new travellers, if you never organized a trip yourself, you can pick one of the Europe tour packages at Bookmundi.

Euro Power Adaptor & Power Brick

Europe is full of beautiful scenery, from medieval ruins to picturesque countryside, to cutting edge architecture, so wherever you are visiting you can count on taking lots of pictures on your smartphone. In addition, many European countries aren’t the easiest of places to find your way around, so you may be reliant on your smartphone as a source of navigation too, this means your battery life may not last as long as you had hoped so make sure you have a European power adapter and if you can, a backup power brick is a good idea to have with you, in case you run out before you make it back to your hotel.

Neck Wallet

As with any tourist destination, the most beautiful cities in Europe are unfortunately plagued by opportunistic thieves and pickpockets, and as our smartphones become small computers, the value of these goods increases, making them even more appealing to thieves. To avoid any holiday disappointment, invest in a neck wallet to keep your belongings out of sight and out of reach of those willing to invade your personal space to take what is yours.

Packing Cubes

To keep all your belongings neatly packed away during transport is important to pack carefully and an efficient and easy way to do this is by using packing cubes, this way you can arrange your outfits by garment type, or by outfit, which can help you save time getting ready giving you more time to soak up the European culture, and you can also use an empty cube to keep your dirty laundry in, meaning even more time and space saved when packing to return home.

Designer Clothes

Europe is home to many world-renowned designers and fashion brands as well stunning restaurants and dining experiences, so packing a designer outfit or two will see you flaunting the streets of Europe like a catwalk. If you want to make a statement through the daytime and don’t quite buy into the designer clothes look, then you can still make a statement with a customised garment such, as a personalised t-shirt form UK based personalised clothing company Banana Moon, that you can wear during your European holiday and after the bring back those wonderful memories.

Everyday Backpack

If you are planning day trips whilst you are on your European break, then a lightweight backpack is a must-have to keep your belongings in, such as sun cream, a jacket, and maps and things you pick up along the way. Be mindful of what you pack in your daytime backpack though, you should keep all your valuables in your neck wallet, or if you don’t need them that day in your hotel room safe.

Facemask & Hand Sanitizer

As we adopt what many refer to as the new normal, we must adopt certain changes in order to keep ourselves, and others, safe from potentially catching and spreading the virus. You can achieve this by wearing a facemask whilst in crowded places and on public transport, as well as keeping some hand sanitiser handy to keep your hands germ-free whilst out and about.

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