Packing list for any trip/vacation

6th September 2020

Are you planning on taking a trip while we’re in the midst of this global COVID-19 pandemic?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, then there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered.

Yes, we’ve broken up our vacation packing list into 5 different sections, each with its own further sub-list of items.

Take a deep breath before packing and use our handy checklist below to make sure you’re safe and prepared when you leave for your next trip.


Items to help keep yourself and those around you, both clean and safe.

* Face masks
Consider picking up one of our recommended colourful facemasks from Hoo-Rag.

* Hand sanitizer
Grab both a pump bottle for the car and alcoholic wipes for surfaces such as tables and handles.

* Disposable gloves
We’re sure you know how disgusting public restrooms can be. Find a pair and don’t risk it!

* First aid kit
As well as basic first aid items, add all your prescriptions, pain relievers, allergy medicines and toilet paper.


First up, work out how hot it’s going to be and whether you intend to do any activities that require specialised clothing.

* Shirts
Both long and short-sleeved t-shirts need to be considered. Do you need dress shirts, or are you planning to remain casual?

* Pants
Include shorts, long pants such as jeans and any belts that you may need to complete your outfits.

* Socks/Underwear
You’ll never regret having too many, but you’ll certainly regret not having enough. Always pack more than you need.

* Shoes
Depending on your plans and destination, walking shoes, dress shoes and flip-flops should all be packed here.

* Jumpers/Jackets
Is the weather going to be cold? Will you be spending any time outdoors after dark? Don’t get caught out.

* Hats
There’s nothing worse than uncomfortably squinting all afternoon as you drive directly into the setting sun. Come prepared.


Keeping toiletries in a separate, smaller bag that can be easily hidden away in your luggage is the key here.

* Toothbrush/Toothpaste
Don’t forget to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh when you’re on the road.

* Deodorant
So much of travelling is done in confined spaces. Don’t be the smelly one on the trip.

* Shampoos/Body Wash
While some hotels and accommodation will offer complimentary miniatures of these, it’s worth taking brands you trust on your skin.

* Creams
Pack moisturisers, sunscreens and lotions. Extras such as lip balms also shouldn’t be overlooked here.

Technology and Fun

Any item, both electronic and classic, that’s going to keep you entertained.

* Chargers
Before you consider what electronics you’re going to pack, ensure you pack its charger so you’re not lugging around a useless brick.

* Phones/Devices
Now you have the chargers, you can pack your phone, tablet and laptop.

* Books
If you don’t have an eReader then make sure to only pack the books that you intend to actually read.

* Camera
While most phones these days have built-in cameras, if you’re a keen photographer then consider a separate bag for your camera gear.

* Travel Games
There’s nothing better when you’re travelling in a group, than playing an old-school travel game or even something as simple as cards.

Money and Documents

* Cash
There is always a tradeoff between keeping cash away from thieves and having enough on hand so you don’t risk getting stuck.

* Credit
Credit cards and travel money cards are more secure, but not as convenient. The key is having a functional split between cash and card.

* Rewards cards
If you’re a frequent flyer or have rewards cards at certain hotel chains, remembering these can save you a lot of money.

* Documents
Passports, visas, ID and any boarding passes or booking documents can finally all be stored in a neat document organizer.

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