50 gifts for the yogi in your life

22nd December 2021

Let’s face it, sometimes purchasing gifts for our loved ones is no easy feat. I still have a little bit of a hard time getting gifts for even the people I know best. If you have a special yogi in your life (or need a treat for yourself!), then look no further than this gift guide with awesome gifts for the yogi. Here are 50 of the best gifts for yoga lovers — not just for the holiday season!

Eight Limbs of Yoga: What are They?

13th December 2021

The world of yoga philosophy can be daunting. I love me a yoga book and yoga movie as a way to learn more about this glorious practice and tradition. But I will say that when it comes to yoga philosophy, it’s full of thousands of years worth of different schools and lineages, matter bending metaphysics, and some pretty far out (not entirely helpful for 21st-century living) ideas.

Best Gifts Ideas for Your Spiritual Friends

9th December 2021

Looking for different gifts for spiritual people or family member in your life but don’t know where to start? Not to worry, I certainly understand the difficulty of finding a variety of gifts for spiritual friends who may not be all too interested in material goods. So in order to help you out, I’ve put together this handy guide to the best spirituality gifts that are sure to please.

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spirituality gifts

The Best Yoga Movies to Learn More About Yoga

4th November 2021

One of my favorite ways to learn more about something is to watch a documentary about it. I’m a visual person, so the movie format is my best friend and a great way to study the origins of modern yoga for me, plus it’s MUCH quicker than reading sacred books (I do love me a good yoga book, though). Yoga movies and spiritual movies have been an essential source for teaching me more about this rich tradition and amazing practice, that has become such a central part of my life.

What is Massoga? Everything You Need to Know

28th October 2021

I was innocently scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day when something called Massoga caught my eye… So, admittedly the algorithm knows me well, I’m targeted constantly by ads and accounts for general yoga things from fancy asana to cute leggings, but this was different. This account showed someone lounging over a bolster and propped up by yoga blocks as they had their back and neck tenderly massaged by the teacher (also kitted out in a cute yoga outfit and in a well-lit studio, to be fair). Looked pretty dreamy to me, so what is this glory called Massoga, you ask?

The Chakras Explained

5th October 2021

I remember the first time I took a deep dive into the Chakras. It was during my YTT, and my yoga philosophy teacher pulled up a chart of all the chakra colors and meanings, the different symbols of the chakras, and even got out her collection of chakra crystals and stones… and I spent the next hour trying not to roll my eyes or guffaw out loud. The chakras explained all sounded like New Age hippie mumbo jumbo to me.

Self Love Affirmations to Change Your Life

14th September 2021

Self love affirmations are a powerful way to change your inner and outer life… and if that statement (or should I say that self affirmation) makes you feel kinda weird, well, you’re not alone. I do a lot to keep myself fuelled up physically, psychologically, and spiritually — a wholesome vegan diet, a daily yoga practice and a regular meditation practice. But the idea of taking five minutes out of my day to say nice things to myself in front of a mirror used to make me feel cringey-anxious-inauthentic… so I started to ask myself why? And so began my self love journey.

Yoga Retreats in USA: Where to Go

6th September 2021

The US has some of the best yoga teachers and the best yoga studios in the world… so it makes sense that it also has some of the best yoga retreats too! Okay, fine, retreats in Europe are pretty incredible too… and let’s not forget Thailand or Costa Rica either. But the time has definitely come for me to share what yoga retreats in USA have to offer. Think East Coast forests, the deserts of Arizona and California, Hawaiian island magic — and lots and lots of yoga.

It Takes Two, Baby: Yoga Poses for Two People

2nd May 2021

Friends, couples, random people you meet in the park — there’s no best way than the bonding experience of partner yoga poses. And with a second lockdown looming and people looking for things to do at home, these yoga poses for two people will give you an afternoon of fun and a good stretch. These are also great couple yoga poses for those looking for a new bonding experience. Get yer grabby-grab-grab on for yoga poses for 2!