Pearls: The Timeless Jewel Trending in 2022

In the past, pearls were only reserved for the most elegant of events. Nowadays, pearls have become the staple piece of every woman’s jewelry box. The pearl look is perfect for formal events but it also works as a casual piece.

There are a million ways you can mix and match fashion styles with pearls. Every fashionista is aware of the pearls’ versatility, from the immaculately crafted brooch to the bold statement piece that is the pearl stud earring.

However, pearl enthusiasts have found a penchant for the complete pearl look, or as some would call it, pearlcore. Since the look is coming back in style, let’s take a look at how pearls can add to your elegance.


Picking the right pearl

When it comes to pearls, size and quality matter. If you are preparing for an elegant dinner out, wearing large pearls should be your first choice. If you are opting for a smaller and more casual night out with your friends, smaller pearls are the perfect embellishment for every outfit.

Of course, besides the size, you will also have to pick the right quality pearl. There are millions of pearls out there and only some of them shine with grace like pearls with AAA quality. These pearls have a high luster making each outfit other-worldly.

For example, an AAA pearl necklace paired with a black wavy long dress will cause all the guests at the event to swoon through the whole night. Remember that real pearls are very heavy and they have a very specific luster. In addition to that, real pearls are never perfectly round and they will always feel much colder than fake ones.

Something fresh and new

Every woman loves cardigans, as it keeps them warm and chic during the fall seasons. Cardigans mix perfectly with blue jeans and they really do tie the whole outfit together. That being said, there’s no doubt that every woman has at least one cardigan in her wardrobe.

This information might not sit right for those that want to stand out from the crowd. For those that want to remain unique but stay warm in-between seasons, pearl edge cardigans are the game changers.

These stylish cardigans are usually adorned with ivory pearls around the neck area and they go perfectly well with jeans or even miniskirts. For the perfect winter look, you can consider pairing them with leather jogger pants.

Pearl studs

Pearl studs are so simple yet so elegant. Nothing can top the classic look of dazzling and gorgeous pearl studs. You can opt for a singular pearl earring if you are aiming for a more classic look, or go all out with multiple pearl earrings on both ears.

Nowadays, pearl piercings are also popular. For instance, if you want to add a bit of edge to your look, you can think about eyebrow piercing with pearls.

Out with the boring handbags

Pearls are not just limited to jewelry. Pearls look amazing on handbags, regardless of shape or color. But handbags are not the only ones that can benefit from pearls, wallets can be transformed into elegant accessory pieces with a pearl strap.

If handbags are not your first choice when it comes to accessories, pearl bucket bags scream femininity and are the perfect match for every casual outing.

Pearl homeware

The pearlcore fashion extended beyond outfits and accessories. You can add a breath of fresh air to your home decor with pearls as well. Here you can either employ your DIY skills or look for already made pieces to decorate your desired area.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always look for custom and handmade pearl jewelry boxes or bowls. The main goal here is to keep it to a bare minimum. Pearls are extremely delicate and precious on their own, so it’s best to go for a minimalist look to enable your pearl decor to shine, literally and figuratively.

Final thoughts

Pearls are all around amazing. If you find the right pearls with the right luster, there won’t be a single eye in the room that won’t be set on your gorgeous jewelry. Above we mentioned some of the most beloved fashion pearl trends and how you can find the right pearl for you.

That being said, pearls are not just fashion limited, they can also add a lot of warmth and elegance to your home decor.