Siem Reap

2nd December 2019

Cambodia is a country with many eye-catching visuals ranging from landscape to the locals living in the area. Siem Reap is one of the cities of this Asian nation that you can list as your vacation destination. Typical of most international vacations, there are no direct flights to the precise city you are visiting. In the case of this city dominated with Chinese and colonial architecture, connecting from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap may be the ideal way for you to get there with minimal hassle.

Phnom Penh is the capital city and is located a 6-hour drive away distance from your desired destination. The available means of transport is road, and to get there fares begin from as low as ten dollars. You can choose the bus or minivan option for this rate or opt to use a car service whose charges start from two hundred and fifty dollars.

Before you leave your home for Siem Reap, you ought to know most of the activities that are available for you and which ones you will try out first. Discussed herein are some of the exciting places that you can add to your list for an authentic Cambodian experience.

Angkor Archeological Park

The decent number of Angkorian temples right at the doorstep of this city has opened up the tourism sector by a considerable margin. Also, this urbanite is right next to the Angkorian city, which sprawls a vast number of miles. The place is popularly referred to as Angkor Wat, which is the largest temple in the complex.

The temples in the complex were built by kings back in the day dating back to between the 9th and 15th centuries. There are hundreds of temples in the park that you cannot finish with just one visit. Each temple has intricate details that are unique to them, and you must be keen to catch on the nitty gritties of traditional Indian epic vibes that ooze from the many art pieces in the temples.

Some of the temples lie in photogenic ruins tangled with tree roots giving the best sights that you will ever come across. To get to this fantastic ancient site, consider taking a tuk-tuk from your hotel.
As you visit Angkor Wat, do not forget to go into the contemporary museum that does a great job of explaining the culture and precise details about the time when the temples were put up. The stories of the various kings who built the temples are explicitly outlined. The history will help you understand Angkor Wat better.

Banteay Srei Butterfly Centre

If you love butterflies and would love to see many of them centered in one location, then the Banteay Srei butterfly center is a location you cannot overlook when vacationing at Siem Reap. This center is the largest butterfly exhibit in South Asia and is home to thousands of colorful winged creatures.

You get to learn about butterfly farming when you visit this tourist attraction center, the life cycle, and the conservation of butterflies among many other ecological factors. Here, you will not just relish the good things that nature has to offer, but you will learn a lot of things as well. Important to note is that the charges levied for you to enter this space go a long way in improving the welfare of the locals. For less than five dollars, you get to see beautiful creatures with the help of a guide.

War Museum of Cambodia

Individuals with a thirst to learn more about the many wars that took place in the world way before civilization will feel right at home at the war museum found in Siem Reap. Comprehensive lessons on the various battles that took place in Cambodia are well preserved here.

It gets better; soldiers who served in the different wars are guides in the museum. They offer you a look into thirty years of Cambodian wars with accuracy. You don’t just get the stories; the museum has an impressive collection of machinery used in the different combats. Jet fighters, artillery guns, helicopters, and an assortment of war machines are displayed in the museum.

The tourist fee you pay (five dollars) caters for the entry, guide fees, parking, photography, and filming.


Siem Reap does not just have beautiful sites; it is a historical city that allows you to go back in time and appreciate the dynamics of that period.

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