Popular Travel Destinations for Students

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Student years are perfect for traveling. It’s the time in your life when adulthood has not yet fully shown itself, but you are already grown enough to make money, take responsibility, and be independent in your life choices. Plus, students have plenty of travel opportunities and free time to act on their adventures. Few other occupations will give you a whole summer off plus several weeks in winter.

Though, there are other reasons beyond simple convenience. Many young people feel very passionate about traveling and ready to act on their dreams at the first chance. Thus, traveling among students has become a popular hobby. So countries all over the world are happy to host such eager travelers. Here is the list of countries that have become the most popular student travel destinations.


Germany has been the unofficial youth capital of the world for quite a while now. There is something about Germany that draws young people’s attention and curiosity. Of course, on the one hand, Germany offers numerous study programs for international students. Their offers are tempting, very affordable (sometimes free), and promising. The country surely wants to lure more youth into its borders.

In return, the younger generations in Germany enjoy higher freedom of expression, vibrant nightlife, and diverse cultural experience. It’s a true melting pot of various nationalities and ethnicities that somehow perfectly work together.


Located right in the heart of Europe, Poland is a hidden gem of the continent. Recently it has drawn the attention of many international students. Education in Poland is very affordable. The prices and cost of living are low, while services and quality of life are rather high. It makes Poland a perfect place for taking a semester abroad or traveling. Here, students will find everything they need for several months or weeks.

The pubs are plenty, and beer is very cheap. Cultural life is booming, offering countless art galleries, museums of all sorts, theaters, etc. Nature here is unique and diverse. You can spend up to five hours on a bus from Warsaw, the capital, to any Polish border city, and each place will differ from the rest. It’s quite an experience to travel there.


Of course, there is always a place for Thailand on any travel lists for students. Most young people view Thailand as a long travel experience, such as backpacking or volunteering. After all, plane tickets to Thailand are not cheap, and neither are the resorts it offers. However, the rest of the country is very affordable. Students can find cheap hostels to stay in, great international volunteer centers to work, and numerous cultural and natural sights to explore.

Frankly, Thailand is everything a young person needs for an exciting and successful travel experience. Low prices, welcoming people, a large international community, and a booming travel industry ready to predict your every need. Traveling to Thailand is rather easy and very enjoyable.


Mexico has many things. One of those things, of course, is a popular travel destination for students. Sure, most of those students come from the Americas or nearby islands. Yet, it still makes quite a large international community of young travelers. Why would it be different? Mexico has limitless potential for tourism. For example, you can explore its urban life with high cuisine, street food, museums, insane nightlife, luxury resorts, etc.

You can also explore Mexican nature and historical sights. Going on long hikes and seeing the ancient Mayan ruins is a rare experience you can’t find anywhere else. Lastly, you can enjoy learning more about the rich Mexican culture, their way of living, and customs while enjoying the local architecture, great prices, and warm, friendly people.


France has always been the dream destination of all artists, creators, and world travelers. You can really say you’ve been to Europe without visiting France, at least for a day. There is something about this place that just separates it from all other European states. However, it’s best to discover it firsthand. You can also read some writepaperfor.me reviews and order a paper on French culture and history from professionals.

Of course, France is not the cheapest destination. That’s why most students postpone such travels. Yet, a bit of saving up can give you a wonderful weekend in Paris or Provence. There are truly too many tourists could do in France to list it all. However, the best thing about visiting French cities (aside from the cuisine) is taking a long walk. French culture has long been embodied in its city walls, architecture, and, of course, people.


Indonesia is sort of a mecca for all backpackers and other youth in search of themselves and alternative ways of living. Besides, it has long been a final destination for digital nomads, ex-pats, and students on academic leave. Here, you can live carefree on an island, sharing a bungalow or a nice villa with fellow travelers.

It’s a perfect place to become one with nature, find inner peace, spend days on beautiful beaches and eat healthy, fresh, and cheap products right from the ocean or gardens. What else can you wish for from a tropical paradise? Indonesia is also quite a large country, so there is plenty to explore and see.