Planning my trip to Iceland with TripCreator

Do you sometimes think you’re a little too cool for organized tours, yet you’re often feeling too lazy to go through the hassle of researching your next travel destination and wished someone would just do it for you? C’mon, just admit it, we’ve all had those thoughts. Ha, I’m kidding! Kinda… Tour groups can be a great way to travel, especially if you are a solo traveller, but what I want to talk about today is a fantastic new way to have your itinerary all sorted and activities cherry-picked for you while retaining all the freedom of independent travel. Sounds too good to be true? Planning a trip to Europe soon or maybe you’re just a master-procrastinator and want to do a bit of daydreaming? Enter the award-winning trip-planning platform TripCreator.


I recently tried TripCreator to plan my trip to Iceland, which is where the startup company was born in May 2015, but it is also possible to use the website to plan a trip to Austria, Belgium, Corsica, Denmark, England, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sardinia, Scotland, Sicily, Sweden, Switzerland or Wales – and new destinations keep being added, so check back often! The free-to-use platform really did change the way I have been planning my travelling by generating a custom-made itinerary at the best available price, taking all the guess and leg work of planning to visit an unknown place completely out of my hands and suggesting great activities, sights, hotels and cars which I could all review before booking. TripCreator actually just won a WebAward for outstanding achievement in web development for the Best Travel Website, which goes to show how innovative they really are. Let’s take a peek at how I planned my trip to Iceland, shall we?

Iceland with TripCreator

Iceland is most definitely best explored with a rental car and I first selected where I would pick up and drop off the car. I could then decide what kind of budget I’d be travelling on and how busy I wanted my schedule to be before moving on to the next screen to indicate which traveller type I am (you can pick several).

Going to Iceland with TripCreator

Based on that, TripCreator then generated a recommended trip that was 100% customizable. I could see how many kilometres would be done in one day, pick and chose more activities as I saw fit and read reviews for every one of them, remove others I didn’t care for and see a list of hotels available in the area where I would be located on that day. Further to that, I could see everything as a map, a list or a calendar, all of them interactive and allowing further modifications.

Iceland with TripCreator

I love how the resulting itinerary showed how long should be allowed at any given activity and what the distance between each of them are, so I knew exactly at what time I should start my day, each day. TripCreator connected all the dots for me with the distance and map features, which are great. I had already read about certain attractions but didn’t know yet how far they were in relation to one another and I was pleasantly surprised to see them popping up on my suggested itinerary, in their logical order of visit, without me having to pin them down on a map manually or trying to figure it out all on my own with hours of research. I really appreciate the fact that everything that is not a booked activity is left entirely up to me once I’d be travelling to Iceland. Wake up tired one day and feel like skipping Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (why on earth would you want to do that if I may ask, but that’s just an example)? It’s your trip, so do as you wish. Very few trip planning platforms can pride themselves of offering this level of organization with so much freedom and flexibility all at once. I am definitely sold!

With that, my trip was planned and booked in just minutes and the good people at TripCreator were there for me if I had any question at all or just needed a chat. TripCreator is a state of the art trip planning app where creating and customizing a vacation according to your interests and needs becomes completely effortless. The platform combines the best in artificial intelligence mixed with human experience, making it a little bit too easy to create your a 100% customizable vacation.

So where should we go next??

This post is branded content brought to you in collaboration with TripCreator. As always, all opinions are my own.

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