Profitable Remote Jobs for World Travellers

15th July 2021

Do you yearn for a life of freedom? Do you crave the feeling of adventure and excitement that is only possible if you are on the move? This blog post will give you ideas about profitable remote jobs which will help you start your digital nomad journey.

Digital nomads, or those who are working remotely, have already begun to make waves in today’s world. They enjoy a lifestyle that allows them to travel while they work. It is becoming more common for people to want this type of flexible career; however, some people may not know which is their perfect remote job or how much they need to live out their dream life. Many of them are unbelievably profitable and many can be done by anybody. You can always search online for any opportunity for remote works such as best graphic design sites, virtual assistant jobs’ sites, maybe even best cam sites for fast-earning, or anything that might interest you.

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Blogging has gone through some significant changes over the past decade. Previously, bloggers were usually associated with those who scaled to make a living. Nowadays, this is changing as blogging is becoming more of a career for digital nomads rather than their lone source of income or supplemental income derived from writing articles for publications or magazine companies traditionally.

Many people first think about starting blogging because they want to share things that have meaning to them with other people on the opposite side of the world. For example, if you want to share your food culture or travel adventures, there’s no better way than by creating blog posts and letting anyone be able to come read what you have on your site at any time.


Transcriptionists are often classified as digital nomads because they’re able to work from anywhere with Internet service.

It’s very easy to be a transcriptionist. The key is that you need a good microphone, which most people don’t use (or they just buy their poor laptop mic and acoustics) and then ahead of time you upload your audio file has the job for the transcriptions company uploaded as well – in this case, you could use google docs or dropbox. The transcriber can then download the interview/file on their computer, there’s a little bar at the bottom that shows them how long it will take – usually, 2-3 hours if not shorter, depending on how fast they type and speak clearly.

It’s a lucrative job that requires knowing how to use SRTs (most online video creators have some in their sidebar). A growing number of writers are choosing this method to make more money than they would as an average transcriptionist from one company.


Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant digital nomads are a hot commodity these days. With the rise of technologies that allow you to do your job from virtually anywhere, there is an abundance of demand for people who can work as virtual assistants in countries like the Philippines, India, and several more. Plus since technology is always evolving at a fast pace, you’ll be able to learn about up and coming trends much quicker than most other professionals.

The best way to find a virtual assistant position is through networking. Ask friends and family members if they know of any work opportunities. There are many websites where you can find virtual assistant jobs. All you have to do is to search for it.

You can also apply to positions that have not been advertised, though do your research before blindly applying just in case the company has expectations that may not align with your qualifications.


Did you know that an eCommerce entrepreneur can be successful as a digital nomad? The key is being able to work the right hours for the right amount of money without having to drive to work every day! Here’s one example:

If you are interested in becoming an eCommerce digital nomad, having any chance of success will require you to take calculated risks and allow yourself to make mistakes. Give up what seems like a certainty now so that you might create something much more rewarding later on. Find your balance out there in the world, whatever that means for you.

The idea behind these remote gigs is, that you’re running your own business, and then participating in the wider “platform” as a customer.

It’s always good to start with something small and it’s possible to make this into a full-time income if wanted. There are many success stories about people who have generated significant incomes from doing eCommerce, just so long as their specialization has created them an edge over all the noise in the marketplace.

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