Pros and Cons of Planning Your Own Holiday Schedule

9th August 2016

For most people, booking a holiday is a simple process. You go online or visit a travel agent, look at a schedule that someone else has put together and then hand over your credit card. It’s quick and easy, but it’s also missing an element: your personal taste.

While you do have an element of control over any holiday, sometimes “an element” just isn’t enough. With the internet at your fingertips, there is more ability than ever to be in control of your own destiny. You can scratch the itch to travel and be independent, without too many risks.

If you have ever considered the idea of planning your own holiday and doing something a little different to beach and pool, there’s a lot to consider. Before you make the leap away from the scheduled holidays we’re used to, think about the pros and cons.

Pro: You’re in charge!

It’s a simple place to start, but it’s by far the most attractive. It means that you only do what you’re comfortable with, and you set your own schedule. There’s no hyped up, overexcited tour guides unless you decide to use them.

Con: You’re in charge!

It is possible to be both a pro and a con. The one downside of being in charge is that the buck stops with you. If there’s a problem – such as flight delays or hotel overbooking – then it’s up to you to rectify it. You’re taking on a lot of responsibility, so be ready for it.

Pro: Your own transport at your pace.


The idea of taking your transport can be daunting, but it offers you full control. RV and camping holidays are eternally attractive for that reason. If you have never done RV holidays, before there is many a website online that can help you plan. It means you will be able to linger in any area you like, and bolt if something isn’t to your tastes.

Con: You have to be strict with the schedule.

Unless you have an unlimited amount of time to make your chosen journey, then you’re responsible for keeping yourself on point. You may sometimes feel a pressure to keep on schedule to the point where you don’t have time to relax. Proper planning can prevent this, especially if you learn to adapt to circumstances on the fly.

Pro: You can stray off the beaten track.

There are plenty of tourist traps on main routes being serviced by holiday companies. There are also dozens of places to visit that are less popular, but no less wonderful. You can take advantage of these hidden gems and explore them at your leisure.

Con: You take risks.

One downside to going your own way is that there’s less information from fellow travellers, so you take the risk of a destination being a letdown.

While the cons are not insubstantial, they are balanced out by the tremendous sense of freedom. There are risks, but do your research, and you will be able to mitigate them.

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