Protecting Our Elderly

16th December 2017

Making sure our elderly parents and grandparents are safe and protected is the one task we all take on at some point in our lives. It can be a scary thought to have an older loved one home alone who could fall and hurt themselves with no one around to help them. Rather than what could happen, let’s look at what you can do to protect them.

Amp Up Security

Your elders may not think they need a security system in their home, but it wouldn’t hurt them to have it. Security systems, such as ADT security, can protect them in a myriad of ways. Elderly folks who live without security are often the targets of burglars. They assume they can get in and scare them into submission. They also rely on failing eyesight and memory to appropriately identify a burglar. A home security system could sound an alarm that will chase off burglars long before they get a hold of anything. Homes that are noticeably secured with a system are often enough to turn away any thief before they try. It also can save you a bit on home insurance when you add a level of security.

Medical Alert Wearables

Medical alert wearables have been around a long time and continue to improve. It often comes with a bracelet or a necklace that your loved one wears at all times. Should there be a medical emergency, such as a cardiac episode while watching television, they press a button and paramedics are notified. Many also include fall detection so that if your loved one falls and cannot get to a phone, emergency services are contacted immediately and help will quickly arrive. It’s not something we want to think about, but taking this extra step can add a level of security and freedom for our aging family members.

Bring in Extra Help

In the days of old, families typically lived close enough to each other that they tended to their young and elderly on a regular basis. In our expanded world, we are now spread out all over. When it comes to watching over the elderly, it may not be a possible situation for you and your family. When you are limited in keeping an eye on Grandma, it’s a good time to bring in a bit of extra help by hiring a home nurse. He or she can visit daily or weekly to be sure that medicines are being taken, our loved one is eating well, and they are able to handle their day to day lives. A home nurse can be an excellent resource to know when someone should have full-time assistance and when they are perfectly fine on their own.

Preparing for the End

As our elders get older, they start coming to terms with their end of life. We often want to hold their hand and offer such popular quips as “you have plenty of time!” and “we aren’t ready to see you go.” We advise to let them talk about their passing in a positive way so that they can have their wishes met. Things like wanting a specific funeral to how their assets are divided are important discussions to have and put into a legal document. It is also a good time to review insurance policies. If your aging family member does not have life insurance, we encourage you to review over 50 life insurance policies. Many people assume that they can’t get life insurance at a late age, but these policies can help work as a savings program for their end of life expenses.

Securing our elderly is much like protecting our young. We don’t want any harm to come to them and we will take all the measures possible to ensure their safety, without compromising their independence. By following the above steps, you can grant your elderly loved one some personal freedom and still keep them safe. 

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