Reaching My Favourite Casino From Around the World

21st July 2016

We have all heard of the top casinos around the world and the stories of how magical it is to play in these luxurious casino. Even though I find them to be out of this would, I wouldn’t really travel to the countries where these gambling heavens are found just to place a couple of bets. However, I’m quite sure that you would love to know more about those top casinos.

Off the coast of France’s Mediterranean coastline is the Principality of Monaca, which is known for its glitzy casino and F1 Grand Prix race. Casino De Monte Carlo is one of its major casinos. However don’t expect any local to accompany you to this place, as it’s a foreigners’ only casino, where local citizens are not allowed. Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco is the public company that owns the Casino de Monte Carlo. And this company is partly owned by the monarchy and the government. It’s quite unbelievable that this casino is one of Monaco’s main source of income.

The hotel and casino of Grand Lisboa is known as the tallest building in Macau, China with its 50 floors. This casino and restaurants opened in 2007, while the hotel welcomed its first customers a year later. With 1,000 slot machines, and 800 table games, it’s quite easy to lose yourself in this casino labyrinth. Grand Lisboa was the first casino in Macau to offer the game of crap before other casinos followed suit when this game gained popularity in the area.

MGM Grand is the 3rd largest hotel in the world and is the place where the MGM Grand Casino is also found. This casino has one of the largest gaming floors, measuring over 171,500. In this place there are over 2,500 slots machines which include multi game machines, progressive slots and video poker. Some of these slots can pay as much as £500,000! It also has 10 different kinds of table games on over 100 tables for poker and other games.

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