Reasons Why to Choose California for Your Vacation This Year

There is no better feeling than traveling to a beautiful destination during the holidays or over the weekends-It makes you not even miss home. Therefore, as you plan to take your family out, or travel with friends, find the best place to visit. Among the best places, one could ever consider without regretting is California.


The state provides you with endless recreational places, high-profile restaurants, aquariums, a taste of nature, and many more. Before the pandemic struck, statistics show that California used to receive forty-two million tourists every year. Reasons are many on why your next vacation should be in this state.

It’s a Wine Country

If you love drinking wine, California is among the top producers of well-prepared red wine globally. The Napa Valley, in particular, is the region that is home to many vineyards in the state. There are about 400 of them in this place alone. A visit to the local wineries will make you have a wonderful experience with different types of wine.

Besides the private wine-tasting sessions, the place offers you beautiful scenery of extensive vineyards. You can even have some photo-shoot sessions with family and friends to capture the green view.

The Favorable Weather

A bright and warm vacation always allows you to enjoy many things. It becomes possible to spend many hours outdoors hence maximizing your tour. California is your year-round destination due to the appealing weather conditions. The most significant part of the state is under the Mediterranean climate-warm sunny summers and cool wetter winters.

It is a great idea to plan for your vacation here during the summers (June and August), and the sunny warm weather adds spice to your trip. If you like hiking, California’s autumn season (September and November) will be the best for you. The dip favors this in temperatures during this period. You may also consider visiting during the winters as there is a lot of skiing which people engage in at the stunning hills.

Visiting Monterey and Carmel

There is no better place to travel for a vacation in California than in Monterey and Carmel. These regions provide you with a long list of tourist attraction sites and recreational points. What are some of the things to do in Monterey? One of them is going for the 17-mile drive. The stellar road gives you a magical scene of the extensive peninsula as you pass by the Del Monte Forest, Bird Rock, and the infamous Pebble Beach Golf Course.

The Monterey bay aquarium is another place you can go and enjoy a lot. Its location is on the pacific coast of California and is a home for millions of marine animals. The facility has been active in the conservation of the ocean through campaigns within the region. In the highlights, you will get the opportunity to see 200 exhibits and an extensive gallery of more than 600 species.

Camping and Road Trips

The California coastline has a stretch of road covering 840 miles. This is a lot of distance to travel for any fan of road trips. Find yourself a reliable campervan, and you are sure of enjoying every kilometer you drive. Between California’s North and South regions, the Pacific Coast Highway provides some of the best scenery.

Both at the coastlines and inland, there are several spots you can target and do your camping comfortably. The high levels of security make you even more confident when setting up your tents as you spend the night enjoying nature.

Iconic Landmarks

The world has provided us with many remarkable landmarks. California holds a number of them hence paying a visit here is worthwhile. Concerning this, your journey to this golden state may not be complete without you paying a visit to Los Angeles. You will find landmarks such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
You get a rare opportunity to hike to the Hollywood sign and take a picture to capture such an unforgettable moment. As you are around Beverly Hills, it will not be a surprise to come across world-class movie and music stars.

California is among the best places anyone could ever be. Therefore, as you plan for a vacation next, consider this place. There are lots of beautiful sceneries along the coastline which you can enjoy. Monterey, for instance, makes you want eye-catching views of the coast as you drive along the stellar road. There are also exceptional wineries in Napa Valley which you can enjoy doing wine-tasting.