Safety Travel Tips for Solo Travelling Women

29th February 2020

If you’re a woman travelling for business or for a well-deserved break you might be travelling on your own. The world is a great place to explore but it may also fear a little daunting. This is understandable.

With this in mind, these travel tips for solo travelling women will help you keep safe as you explore a strange city or country.

Business Travel

If you are travelling on business and the place you are going to is a little risky, you may want to consider booking a Business Flight with JetApp as it will allow you to land closer to your destination, and you will be able to travel door to door. This not only streamlines your trip but maximises your security.

It also avoids delays. Around 1500 flight cancellations a day, you don’t want to be left stranded in a strange land.

What if you’re travelling to broaden your horizons?

Research Where you’re Going

When researching your destination try and get a feel for the best and worst neighbourhoods and try and stay in one that is ok. Apply this level of scrutiny to places such as beaches and bars, and where you are staying. Read reviews to try and get a flavour of what the places are like, what the vibe is. This will help you prepare.

Keep your Valuables on you While Travelling

When you’re travelling on a train, plane, bus etc, it is a good idea to keep anything valuable on you rather than leaving it in your luggage. Get in the habit of packing a day bag that contains the essentials such as passport, phone, camera, credit cards, meds, and jewellery. This stays with you and isn’t put in a backpack, or the luggage hold of a bus.

This should apply to expensive technology such as camera lenses and the like.

Leave Valuables Under Lock and Key when Exploring

All hostels have lockers so ensure you put the things you don’t need into it and lock it. This leaves you free to explore a city with only the essentials needed. Reputable hotels will have a safe or lockers and again use the same tactics. If they don’t have one use a portable safe or slash-proof bag, put your essentials into it and lock it to something sturdy like a pipe. It will deter most thieves who are looking for softer targets.

Pace your Drinking

It is a good idea to pace your drinking and not to try and keep up with the crowd. Drinking dulls your senses and makes you a little more vulnerable. If you’re from a country where drinking isn’t part of the culture this will hit you more than if you were from Ireland or Britain.

Blend In

It is a good idea to try and dress a little like locals so that you blend in. As you’ve done your research you will know if there are dress restrictions placed on women such as in the Middle East. Blending in will not make you stand out as a target for pickpockets and the like.

With a little common sense, you will have great travelling adventures.

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