How to Save Money on Traveling With the Justfly App

3rd April 2017

Who doesn’t love to save money on traveling? With the bulk of a person’s travel funds often going on transport and accommodation, finding ways to cut back on the expensive elements leaves more money available for exploring a new destination and doing more of the things that you love. After you’ve saved hard to travel, make your money go even further!

Whether you love hitting up the major sights in a new place, finding the best vegan restaurants that dish up authentic local vegan-friendly cuisine, joining in with a range of activities, taking tours or something else, having a bit more cash in your pocket or money in your bank lets you do more on your travels.

The Justfly app can help you to save on the big things, the things that usually siphon away lots of your hard-saved travel funds before you’ve even started your trip. User-friendly and convenient, it takes a lot of the hassle out of travel planning too. Many people travel with a smartphone or other mobile device. There are lots of great apps for travelers. Justfly is another such app that makes traveling easier.

Compare Flight Deals

The Justfly app has more than 150 airlines from all around the world in its database. You can easily compare carriers, dates and routes to find the best deal. You don’t need to trawl through airline websites or use a comparison website when you have so many options right in the palm of your hand.

Whether you’re a super-organized traveler who takes care of all travel plans months in advance, whether you’ve decided to take a spontaneous jaunt or whether unexpected circumstances have made you need to change your travel plans at the last minute, Justfly will help you to find the perfect flights. Flight bookings are confirmed almost instantly.

Booking through Justfly lets you take advantages of specially negotiated deals that aren’t available elsewhere. You can benefit from lower prices than the norm, with deals, discounts and promotions updated regularly.

Customize Flight Bookings

After you’ve found a great flight deal through Justfly, you don’t need to visit another site to tailor your booking, purchase add-ons or make your payment. Everything is done directly through the app. There’s no messing around, re-entering information, waiting in virtual queues or risking losing out on a bargain because of changing sites.

Do you generally prefer a window seat or aisle seat? If seat selection is an option with the airline, it will also be an option when you book via Justfly. Do you want to upgrade and book a seat with extra legroom? No problem. Other features that you may wish to customize include making special meal requests, ordering an in-flight meal and purchasing an excess luggage allowance.

Source Terrific Car Rental Deals

If you plan on taking a road trip or want a rental car for a few days to give you complete freedom and independence, knowing where to find the best deals on reliable vehicle rental can cause some headaches.

Justfly lets you see what’s available for your dates from various rental companies across the world. The database includes local rental firms and international companies. You can compare the types of vehicle available, the costs, vehicle sizes and capacity, type of fuel used and other criteria.

Find Somewhere Great to Stay

Some people prefer to save money on traveling by staying in the cheapest places possible. They typically see a room as somewhere to crash at the end of each day, take a shower and store their belongings. Other travelers see their accommodation as an integral part of their trip, opting for some luxury when away from home. There are travelers who need to work while on the road, thus need a place to stay that is conducive to getting work done. Whatever kind of accommodation you’re looking for, why pay more than you need to?

The Justfly app finds a variety of accommodation options close to where you want to stay, letting you peruse the options and choose somewhere that matches all of your requirements and ticks all of your boxes. You can search based on local landmarks, places of interest or major transportation hubs, putting you right where you want to be.

The app lets you check reviews from previous guests to get a good overview before you finalize a reservation.
Justfly features more than 900,000 places to stay across the world, so you’re sure to find somewhere perfect to stay!

From booking flights and rental cars to taking care of your accommodation, make all your major travel plans and save money on traveling with Justfly.

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