Science-Backed Benefits of Camping for Your Mental Health

1st December 2020

If you live in a big city, you are continuously being exposed to urban fuss. The noise and commotion contribute to the rising stress level and constant tension that might lead to a collapse in mental health, depression, and anxiety.

Everyone needs a break sometimes, so if you suddenly experience the need to run away to a calm idyll, you should just go with it and go camping – especially since science confirms that it is extremely beneficial to your mental health.

Changes in Your Body

Camping is all about winding down in wilderness and greenery. Forest bathing is a Japanese practice of finding calm in contact with nature, which can improve your health, and consequently, mental wellness. Being in a moment, connected tightly with mindfulness is said to be one of the best antidepressants. What’s a better occasion to experience it than a camping trip?

You don’t need much time to see the palpable changes in your body, such as taking deeper breaths due to the exposure to fresh air. Your blood pressure lowers, resulting in a sharper way of thinking. Then, you start to feel better not only physically, but also mentally, and you loosen up your muscles with relief.

Digital Detox

You can take advantage of the camping experience only if you’re not distracted by any signals from the outside. Experts advise to leave your phone at home, and admire breathtaking landscapes. Choose a quiet place where your smartphone wouldn’t interrupt you. You can check the national parks that offer you a wide variety of admirable views. Consider the best camping spots in Montana and connect with glaciers and parks while disconnecting from the online reality.

Choose the scenery that would put your mind at ease. If you are fond of sports activities, pick one that gives you space to hike or swim in the lakes. However, if you need to relax outside of urban life, fix a tent on the hill, think, breathe, and you will feel the change in your mental health. But before you head into the wild, check out this infographic to get more details on preparing for your new outdoor activity:

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