Searching For Serenity: Top Five Wellness Retreats In Europe

10th February 2017

We all need to take time for ourselves as people away from the rat races of our jobs, away from the pull of paying bills and sometimes, away from our families. We take care of everything in life from our budgets to our bairns and sometimes we end up at the bottom of the list of care. This is not good, not acceptable and absolutely not sustainable. Around the world, there are yoga and wellness retreats dotted in beautifully peaceful locations that allow us to get back some of our soul serenity. Finding the time to go and visit any one of these retreats is important: your health, your wellbeing, they’re important. Have a look at our pick of the top five wellness retreats in Europe, and give your soul a little peace and care. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to a professional limousine service on the way out. You’re worth it.

Yoga & Pilates Retreat, Turkey

Meaningful, peaceful and full of beauty, this retreat option is so much more than just a holiday. Explore your inner self and gain a deeper understanding of your body. Expect to laugh, expect to cry, expect to experience emotions that will help you release some of the little pressures in life.

Vegan Detox Retreat, France

If you are looking for a healing weekend consisting of gourmet vegan cuisine, mindful yoga and a detox from your technology, you need to head to Yobaba Lounge in the French Pyrenees. Align your mind, body and spirit and gently reflect on yourself and your inner being. Without the influences of dairy and meat, your diet will rebalance quicker than you expect and the gourmet vegan food will support the cleansing process physically, not just mentally.

Yoga Retreat, Portugal

For beginners, yoga can be an adjustment. But it’s an energetically thrilling adjustment. You can stay at home and order the best foam rollers to buy online or you can book a retreat. Both will complement each other and go hand in hand for your health. Receive massage and acupuncture, walk in beautiful forests and swim in natural river pools. Everything you need to encourage body and mind restoration.

Yoga Retreat, Tuscany

Picture the Italian countryside waking up to you and your sun worship yoga. Rolling hills everywhere you look, incredible visits to the nearby village and a discovery of yourself. Your mind and body may be cleansed by yoga but your mental health and emotional wellbeing are taken care of by exploring the nearby cities and enjoying the beautiful works of world art.

Yoga Retreat, Siges Barcelona

Luxury meditation, yoga, coaching and delicious food are only a flight away in Barcelona. You could unwind from your life at home and search your inner self to find the being of power you are. Revive, refresh and rediscover yourself at a beautiful location.

There are many spas and treatments across the world that are in fantastic locations, but having a break of pure rediscovery and cleansing is the only true way to slough off the everyday shackles and get back to who you are on the inside.

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