Seeing the Wonders of the City of Dreams

27th July 2017

Nearly every culture has its own way of bringing in the New Year, but there’s something extraordinarily​ special about the annual celebration in the The Big Apple. The allure of the city lights, watching the ball drop in Time’s Square, and taking part in all of the festivities are something everyone should experience at least once.

While the main event is certainly a blast, the city holds a vast wealth of historical sights and monuments as well as technological marvels that can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. To make the most of your time there, look into a Go New York Tours discounted hop on hop off​ experience.

Hopping On and Off

​This tour immerses you in the wonders and sights that New York City holds with in-depth information from a state of the art GPS triggered narration. Each location is filled with a rich and exciting history with some dating all the way back to the colonial era of the United States.

This double decker tour bus guides you through all of the major sight seeing locations while allowing you to hop off for a better look, then hop back on and head to the next destination. From the Statue of Liberty to the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, you can enjoy the entire New York experience in comfort and style.

​New York in One Day​

Time restraints are something everyone faces when traveling to new locations. If your schedule only leaves you one day in The City of Dreams, then take advantage of the discounted 24 hour All City Pass.

This comprehensive tour starts early in Downtown and takes you all the way to historic Brooklyn then back again underneath the city lights at night. With fantastic sights like The American Museum of Natural History, The Empire State Building, The Manhattan Bridge, and so much more, you really can see it all!

It’s a perfect way to experience the best of the city if you’re short on time. Plus, the buses are kept warm and cozy to beat the chilly New York winters.

Individual Sections​

If an all day affair sounds draining, or you simply have a specific sight that you are dying to see, then the Hop On Hop Off tours can be taken individually. Whether the appeal of Uptown’s Central Park area is calling your name or the Downtown’s Theater District is more your cup of tea, you can easily enjoy the best of either areas at your leisure.

Exploring the maze-work of city streets on your own can be a little confusing, even for those who have been here multiple times. Thankfully, these tours take the hard work out by navigating you through the busy streets to the world famous sights.

The Discounts​

Tours are a wonderful experience, but getting them at a discounted price really sweetens the deal. From single section trips to multiple day passes, you can take advantage of up to 20% off the ticketed price.

It’s nice to have that extra spending money for food and drinks, especially in Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve!

The City of Dreams​

New York is one of the most beautiful cities in all the world, and their New Year’s Eve celebration is iconic. If you plan on heading there for the experience this winter, make sure to visit the historic and critically acclaimed sights throughout the city at a discount.

The Hop On Hop Off tours are accommodating, thorough, and an excellent way to make the most of your visit. It’s a magical time of year in New York, The City of Dreams.

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