Sick Of The Daily Grind? Leave It All Behind

9th December 2016

Do you ever think to yourself that the daily grind might be the main driving force behind your life? Do you sometimes wonder if the only reason you get out of bed is because your boss might kill you if you don’t? Is your job the last thing you think about before you sleep, and the first thing you think of when you wake up? You are not alone. Thousands of Americans every year are deciding that they’ve had enough, and leaving behind the bright lights and commute for a more simple lifestyle. If you’re sick of the daily grind, see if any of these ideas take your fancy.

Hit the road

Take extended leave from your employment, or quit altogether, and hit the road. Pack up everything you need, rent out your home, and just drive. When your life has been dictated by a nine to five routine for so many years, it can be good to just experience freedom and a carefree existence again. If this seems too drastic, going on your dream vacation could be just what you need. Sometimes we need to be reminded that there is more to our planet that just our home and our work.


Go freelance

Do you ever worry that if you have to be in a room with your colleagues for one more day that you might lose the plot? Maybe going freelance and working from home is the right move for you. You’ve got years worth of professional expertise under your belt, so why not set up your own company and dictate your own life for once? Make your money for yourself, not somebody else. The internet is full of great resources for becoming your own boss, and freelance communities have grown exponentially in recent years, so you’ll have constant support.

Go off grid

Living a self-sufficient existence can be truly rewarding, and a great experience for a young family who thinks the world has become too reliant on modern technology and the world wide web. Going off grid means moving to anonymous housing which is not connected to the electrical grid, municipal sewer system, or natural gas. When you make the decision to go off the grid, you vow to leave behind all access to utility systems and make the decision to keep your homestead running completely independently.

It’s about going back to simpler times and learning to appreciate simpler things in life. You’ll have to be willing to relocate and get your hands dirty, as growing food, mending machinery, and caring for livestock will become your new day job. It can be exceptionally rewarding when all the proper preparations are made and is becoming increasingly popular with disgruntled Americans who want to lead a more basic existence.

There are many things you can do to leave the daily grind behind, of varying severity, but the main thing is to prioritize your happiness. If you’re unhappy, you need to make a chance.

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