Do Something Different: Controlling Fears Of The Holiday Unknowns

21st March 2017

Holidays are the highlight of our year, but it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut with them. If you go to the same resort and do the same kind of activities, then it runs the risk of becoming as routine as being at home.

So why not branch out?

Well… trying new things sounds all well and good, but it can also be terrifying. What if you take the risk on a holiday you’re not familiar with and hate it? You’d have wasted your holiday money, and besides, some of those ‘different’ holidays sound like risky business…

Maybe they are, but here’s the thing: maybe your reasons for thinking they are not for you don’t actually apply? The idea of what something is can be very different to the reality. Maybe it’s time to bust some of those perceptions that have been holding you back?

Safari Holiday: You Think It’s Cruel

It’s easy to be troubled by the idea of a safari holiday. It’s where animals are used for show and the entertainment of humans, so it can’t be alright… can it?

While zoos and animal ‘entertainment’ are undoubtedly problematic, the same cannot be said for safaris. First and foremost, the whole point of a safari is to see the animals in their natural habitat. Gamekeepers and tour guides are there to maintain normality for the animals; visitors are there to observe, not interfere. In fact, they tend to have policies against interference, insisting that nature should be left to make its own way rather than be subjected to the involvement of humans.

If you’re concerned the animals might be bothered by the presence of vehicles, then there is no need to worry. Most animals alive today in safari parks have grown up accustomed to tourists, and some will even associate the roar of a Land Rover and the click of photographs being taken with tourists willing to hand out an easy meal!

Most conservation work – often with endangered species – can only be funded thanks to safari tourism. So in reality, you’d be helping the animals by partaking rather than causing any harm.

Skiing Holiday: You Think It’s Dangerous

Okay, so there’s no easy dismissal of the fact that skiing is dangerous. People do fall, bones do get broken, and your pride might sustain the biggest injury of all.

However, you can go at your own pace. No one is going to strap a pair of skis to your feet and throw you down the most difficult slope imaginable. You can see if you enjoy it, but if not, it’s completely your call to walk away or return to the easier slopes. What’s more, if you just fancy spending the entire holiday enjoying hot chocolate and entertainment in a cozy wood cabin, then there’s nothing stopping you from doing that. With the likes of Freedom Ski you can relax without ever going anywhere near a pair of skis.

Also bear in mind the plethora of other activities available on this kind of holiday. Perhaps you’d prefer to try snowboarding, or just going for a mountain walk on snow-capped hills to feel the bracing wind against your skin.

Singles Holiday: You’re Afraid It’d Be Awkward

If you don’t have anyone to go on holiday with, then it’s tempting to just think that there’s no holiday for you this year. It happens; work commitments refuse to line up and you just can’t get time off alongside your significant other or your traveling friends.

Singles holidays exist, especially catering to the needs of those who are traveling as a party of one. But isn’t that kind of… tragic? Wouldn’t it just be awkward and uncomfortable?

However, fear not. Unless you explicitly choose a holiday that throws you into a group setting, a singles holiday is just a term of reference. It means the company have negotiated with hotels so there is no surcharge for single occupancy. They can also help you find last-minute tickets that aren’t available to groups of customers.

If you don’t want to be around other people, then you don’t have to be. There’s no organized activities or a need to socialize; it’s just a way of bringing the benefits of an inclusive holiday to solo travelers. If you want to get to your destination and then take off on your own, no one is going to be offended or left behind because of it – you can do as you please, knowing you won’t have overpaid for the privilege of the holiday.

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