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31st July 2020

Sports tourism involves participating in or observing sporting events. The sector has rapidly grown over the past decade. Reports show that global sports tourism generates $7.86 billion each year. It is classified into hard and soft sports tourism, sporting event tourism, sporting event tourism-NFL, celebrity and nostalgia sport tourism, and active sport tourism. Many sports fans who bet on Betway88 like going for sports road trips during vacations. The following are three sports events trips you wouldn’t want to miss.

Belgian Grand Prix 2020

The Grand Prix will start on August 26, 2020, and end on August 30, 2021. It will take place in Spa Francorchamps, 4970 Stavelot, Belgium. Some F1 enthusiasts believe that the Spa Grand Prix is the most appealing racetrack. It provides spectators and drivers with an adrenaline-fueled motor racing day. The Spa Francorchamps is technical for drivers and racing teams. It has a combination of dramatic curves and straight lines.

The turns on the Spa Francorchamps offers a sensational experience to spectators and drivers. Race Cars usually take the bends at high speeds. Besides having a unique racetrack, Belgium has a distinct microclimate. Some parts of the Spa Francorchamps are normally dry while others are wet.

The circuit has a wide variety of facilities and drivers have to climb the track to access particular facilities. The Belgian Grand Prix packages include accommodation with breakfast, return coach travel, hotel-to-venue transfers, Bronze Admission to the Race Day, and Qualifying Stages.

2020 FI Italian Grand Prix

Car racing is a popular sport in Italy. Many fans of the sport place accumulators and single bets on Betway88 on races. Italy has a Formula 1 racetrack. The 2020 F1 Italian Grand Prix will take place from September 4 to September 6, 2020, in Autodromo Nazionale Motodromo, Monza.

Italy has a special atmosphere, especially near La Pista Magica. Thousands of car race fans gather to cheer Ferrari teams and drivers. Autodromo Nazionale Motodromo is a long racetrack with few turns. It allows drivers to race at high speeds of up to 280 km/h.

Previous winners of the F1 Italian Grand Prix include:

– Charles Leclerc (2019)
– Lewis Hamilton (2018)
– Lewis Hamilton (2017)

Cheltenham Festival 2021

The Cheltenham Festival doesn’t have an official dress code. Many women like wearing hats when traveling to Cheltenham. Self-drive packages and coach trips include hotel and tickets. The Open Cheltenham will be held in November 2020 and the Cheltenham Festival will take place in March 2021 at the Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of horse race fans fill the Cheltenham Racecourse. The race comprises over 20 individual races and pundits often place bets worth millions of pounds on top racehorses. Many gamblers wager on the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The first race of the festival is normally held on Tuesday, also referred to as the “Champion Day” while horses compete for the Cheltenham Gold Cup on the fourth day of the Cheltenham Festival.

Betway88 and other reputable sportsbooks provide punters with real-time sport betting. The FIFA World Cup and the Olympics attract millions of spectators from different countries. Some fans prolong their stay in hotels after major sports events end. Many sports fans are anticipating the Belgian Grand Prix 2020, the 2020 F1 Shell Italian Grand Prix, and the Cheltenham Festival 2021.

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