Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is phenomenal. It offers a myriad of benefits to people young and old. I love Yoga and could talk for days about all the reasons why it’s so great. It’s good for people who are experienced and those just starting their own Yoga practice.

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Maybe this isn’t really surprising, but it’s an important one. Better flexibility helps protect people from injury. Whether you’re an athlete or a normal person who works out a couple of times a week, improved flexibility is important.

Better Circulation

As your body moves through the Yoga poses, blood is forced throughout your body. As you ground yourself and take deep, measured breaths, the blood is pumped to every inch. Better circulation means you heal better from wounds, you get more energy, and better concentration.

Improved Heart Health

Because of the circulatory benefits of Yoga, it also improves heart health. Women especially need all the help they can get as they are more at risk of heart disease and other circulatory problems. Poor heart health can lead to feelings of exhaustion, stress, and shorten your life.

Hormone Function

Did you know Yoga helps with hormone production? Hormones regulate everything from sleep, to reproduction, to how you feel. Hormones help with mood, skin, bone health, and so much more. When your hormones are messed up, you’ll experience brittle hair, unexplained weight gain and even low sex drive. Hormones are important.

Sexual Health

Speaking of sex drive, Yoga gives your libido a boost. Because of its benefits for hormones, circulation, and flexibility, Yoga is the perfect solution for a low sex drive. There are also positions for two person Yoga that can aid in increased libido as well. Many people who practice Yoga experience a more fulfilling sex life.

Eases Pain

People with joint diseases such as arthritis benefit from the inflammation reducing effects of Yoga. When muscles and joints are stiff and full of inflammation, pain is the result. By moving through each of the poses, this inflammation melts away leaving practitioners with less pain. Additionally, Yoga can help with recovery from muscle injuries as the movements gently lengthen and strengthen muscles.

Lung Health

The deep breaths associated with Yoga help people improve their lung health. Breathing in Yoga is controlled and calculated. Breaths are a point of focus throughout a Yoga session. As you inhale and focus on exhaling, the muscles in the lungs are strengthened. This can help people who need better lung health or who struggle with respiratory allergies.

Restful Nights

Did you know that sleep regulates many of the hormones and processes in your body? When you don’t sleep well, it impacts your energy, your mood, and so much more. Regular Yoga practice brings a peacefulness to your body which allows for better sleep at night.

Strengthens Immune System

Exercise helps awaken and build up your immune system. Yoga as exercise is the perfect gentle option to wake up your immunity. Regular deep breaths, stretching, and heart strengthening helps you stay more active and resistant to illness.


Mindfulness is about being aware of your surroundings, your body, your emotions, and how external stimuli are impacting it. The awareness and grounding aspect of Yoga can easily be taken into everyday life to help you be mindful in every and any situation. Being mindful can help you stay in tune with your body and make better decisions about when to get tested for illnesses that can have long-term effects on your body. More more on this, do read my favourite mindfulness quotes.


Low energy is common as you age. Lack of sleep, less exercise, and even poor diet can impact your energy levels. Yoga boosts your overall energy level throughout the day. Better circulation and improved flexibility both contribute to feeling more energetic especially on Yoga days.

Brain Health and Focus

What to focus better at work or at school? Want to pay better attention at home? Want less headaches? Yoga’s impact on brain health and focus is tremendous. It helps people have less headaches, improved concentration, better attention span, and more. Yoga also improves memory and helps people make better mental connections.

The health benefits of Yoga are countless. I love Yoga so much. The way it makes me think, feel, and react to life’s situations is amazing.