Taking Melbourne by Yoga: one Down Dog at a time

21st October 2019

Melbourne is a blissful haven for yoga. Even the smallest outer suburbs will have a class or two to help you unwind after a long transit from most other locations around the world. Here’s where to try classes when you’re visiting Melbourne and want to stretch out and keep mobile.

Beautiful Yoga

We believe yoga can be done anytime, anywhere. But sometimes, you get the privilege of conducting your daily practice in a space that is so aesthetically harmonious that you feel those blissful vibes as soon as you enter the studio. Melbourne has several yoga studios that are purpose-built, architectural beauties. Try One Hot Yoga in South Yarra, or our personal favourite, Humming Puppy in Prahran (also in Sydney and NYC).

Hot Yoga

Being one of the southern states, Melbourne delights in a wide temperature variation. Although in winter it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a snow day in Melbourne itself, the appetite for hot yoga is high especially in cooler months. Yoga Corner, Yoga Tree and Yoga Flame offer a mix of hot styled classes and for the traditional lovers of Bikram, there are classes in Ascot Vale, Richmond, Fitzroy and South Melbourne. Some studios will offer a warm Pilates class which are also great to add a little more resistance to your workout.

Cat Yoga

The beautiful folk at ManekiNeko Cat Rescue in Preston have a winning formula: cat rescue, shop, lounge and classes with lovable cats of all types. Whether it’s their ‘meowfulness’ mediation or yoga, make sure you book ahead as these classes fill fast.We do warn you that it is incredibly difficult not to adopt one while you’re there!

Naked Yoga

Yes, it’s a thing, albeit slightly less common offering in Melbourne yoga studios. But, once surrounded by all the flesh, you’ll quite soon realise that no one is really caring about what you look like.
While many classes are gender-specific, sometimes a mixed class in a workshop format will be announced. Check out Rosie Rees for women’s nude yoga workshops or Collingwood-based Gay Men’s Yoga for underwear or nude classes alongside more conventional yoga styles

Acro Yoga

Has a growing community around Melbourne. Some studios offer classes, but also consider dropping by one of the friendly park acro-yoga jams hosted around parks in Melbourne. Hit up Facebook for details of local meet-ups such as those in Northcote or St Kilda East. Kids and people of all abilities are welcome, but also expect a challenge if you’re looking to up your skills. Some of the regulars will have some mad skills to share with you.

If you’re looking for other things to do in Melbourne that still keep you moving, there’s plenty to do and see. You might want to head to one of our amusement parks, art galleries or take in the thriving street art that dots the city and many of the inner suburbs. Otherwise, kick back and enjoy the brunching culture and serious devotion that locals have to quality, small batch coffee.

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