Places to Improve Your Health and Well-being

6th May 2020

There was a time when the only means of support for those searching for health and well-being tips was at a doctor’s surgery or the warm embrace of a friend. However, with the former increasingly difficult to get an appointment with and friends often tied up with life’s many obligations, people are now turning to alternative avenues to get the advice and support they need.

Here is a list of just some of them, which could give you that boost you need if you ever feel down, a bit unfit, or just a bit lonely.

Live Streams for Building Bonds and Becoming Part of an Online Community

Technology and particularly smartphones are strange things, simultaneously giving people the option to stay in touch with their communities and friends while also making people more introverted. Perhaps it is just the fact that as a species we are yet to adapt adequately to the technology, becoming overwhelmed by its seemingly endless possibilities and offerings.

One way to break free of this is to interact with people online, in a constructive and friendly manner, rather than falling into the pitfalls of being overly critical or isolationist. One great place to allow yourself to open up and make friends is on streaming platforms such as Twitch or Mixer, where you can interact with folk doing everything from playing video games to a high level or just encounter people who wish to chat with like-minded individuals about varied topics. Tune in, search what you want to talk about, from poker to action games, and you’ll always find someone who’s interesting for you.

Despite the world being better connected than ever, people are finding themselves isolated by societies and consumerist mindsets that worship the cult of individualism

YouTube for Yoga, Meditation and General Fitness

If you want more from your online experience than just chatting and making friends, then there are plenty of options out there to help you learn a new wellness skill or mind relaxing technique.

YouTube is chock-a-block with content from everyone from world-class yogis to meditation experts, with it often difficult to separate the amateur chancers from the genuine experts you’ll garner most help from. The key to doing this is to find those content creators who are more than just influencers trying to sell a lifestyle that’s usually based on a person’s wealth rather than their capabilities. Dig deep into these so-called experts, looking into their background and qualifications to see if what they are telling you is correct. Once you have your chosen YouTube channels stick to them, rather than flitting between a host of creators all giving conflicting advice.

Yoga is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety, and there are more ways to practice and learn the discipline than ever before


It goes without saying that blogs are a great way of finding mentors you can trust, with many actively welcoming feedback and comments from their belovèd readers. The great thing about a blog compared to other forms of social media is that you have to slow down and absorb the information that’s drip fed to you. This is often a more personal and therefore constructive means of engaging with content, with the reader feeling a deeper connection and trust for the person they’re reading.

Whether you want to know how to eat better, clear your mind of negative thoughts, or just need a spot of relationship advice or inspiration, blogs are still – in this blogger’s humble opinion – the way to go.


Allied to all the above are of course apps. These are the ideal way to commit yourself to the guidance of one individual or company, as you strive to reach your goals, allowing you to block out the distracting noise on social media platforms for the stripped down approach of one mentor, coach or training program. Just be sure to check out reviews of any paid apps before you commit to signing up.

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