The best spa treatments I have had worldwide

7th October 2015

As a health and wellbeing advocate, massage and spa treatments are an important part of my life and something I enjoy sampling in different parts of the world when I travel. Today, I thought I would share with you some of the best spa treatments I have received during my travels. Hopefully it will inspire you to travel and treat your body to a well deserved break!

#1 Suffering a Thai massage, everywhere in Thailand
Thai massage is cheap as chips and one of the most painful yet releasing treatments I have ever had. Petite Thai women will manhandle you in all sorts of weird positions that sometimes resemble more a wrestling hold than a relaxation technique, and make your back crack in ways that could be a little questionable to some, but in the end you will feel so relaxed, you’ll thank them for it. Do not leave Thailand without experiencing a Thai massage!

#2 Enjoying natural thermal water sources in Ischia, Italy
I can’t really think of a more beautiful place to absorb all of the benefits from natural thermal water and volcanic mud than on the majestic island of Ischia, Italy. I had a long soothing hot stone massage, a body scrub, a volcanic mud wrap as well as being able to enjoy the naturally heated thermal mineral water pool, which was extremely hot!

#3 Experiencing a hammam in Istanbul, Turkey
This is one not to be missed also! After stripping all your clothes off, you will be asked to lay down on a hot slab of marble to relax for twenty minutes or so before someone comes to bathe you and wash your hair with a mountain of suds, before scrubbing you with a special mitten and drying you down, leaving you to enjoy a beautiful sauna. Don’t worry, men and women are separated and the nudity feels absolutely natural and normal! A real Turkish tradition.

#4 Pampering in Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Spa breaks and treatments in Yorkshire, England, might not have come to your mind first when you started reading this list, but this is where I received some of the most amazing massage and exfoliation treatments in the whole world! I also experienced the use of an organic mud chamber; an old tradition inspired by Egyptian bathing that will leave your skin glowing afterwards. I absolutely love England, and this is yet another good reason to visit!

#5 Getting social in a Finnish Sauna, all over Finland
A place for physical and mental cleansing, Finnish sauna is an extraordinary experience if you happen to be in Scandinavia. It’s also a very social experience, despite the nudity that goes along with it! People love to get together at the Sauna, have a few beers and a barbecue – not quite the family barbecues we have back home! While you’re in the sauna, do like everyone else and grab a bundle of birch wood twigs, also called “vasta”. Gently tap it all over your body – it’s really good for your skin!

Experiencing spa treatments while traveling is such a great way to discoverer the culture of the country you are visiting in a different way and I just love being nice to my body while doing so.

Have you had some great spa treatments anywhere in the world? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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