The Best Venues to Visit in Florida

South Beach, Miami, Florida

Florida has the nickname ‘the Sunshine State’ which makes it sound very warm and welcoming. Most people who have paid a visit will agree that, in general, it deserves to have that rep.

It is a good place to start if you have never travelled to the USA, because the climate seems to make Floridians happy and friendly in their attitude to visitors. Florida also has a lot of things that you can do and places to go during your stay – so boredom is absolutely not a problem that you will have.

Indeed, the more likely issue to confront you will be trying to choose where to spend your precious days in town. I sympathize with you; I really do.

To prove it, I have decided to break down some of the venues that should be at the top of your list if you are planning a stay in Florida.

Big Easy Casino

The rules concerning gambling in Florida are – to put it mildly – complicated. It is down to each individual US state to decide on the legality of gambling now and in Florida the result is a confusing mishmash.

Overall regulation is down to the Florida Gaming Control Commission and some things are legal while others are not. To make it as simple as possible, casinos are legal in two counties – Broward County and Miami Dade – as well as for some venues on tribal lands.

The Big Easy Casino is in Broward, so there is no danger of the police raiding the joint while you play. It has physical and digital table games as well as hundreds of slot machines and tournament poker that you can enter for free.

All of that makes it the best of the limited gaming options in the state. But if you don’t fancy going to Broward County during your trip, you can always play online slots instead.

Palm Beaches

Despite the name, sunbathing is just one of the attractions on offer at Palm Beaches. It is a catch-all term for the cities within the county of Palm Beach, which means Boca Raton, Jupiter, Delray Beach and Palm Beach.

These are super-exclusive places – Jupiter is a rich person’s enclave where sports stars like Tiger Woods have their mansions – but you don’t have to be a millionaire or billionaire to have fun.

There is a total of 47 miles of beautiful sandy beach to stretch out on and catch some rays. Then there are the fabulous, if not exactly cheap, stores and scuba diving in the beautiful blue ocean.

Spending time in Palm Beaches will show why Florida has its nickname.

Key West Couples Retreat

As you know, I always like to recommend places here where you can learn about personal and spiritual growth. There is a retreat in Key West that I think is the best to be found in Florida to achieve those goals.

It is for couples though, so only suitable if you are traveling with a spouse or a lover. The retreat lasts for four days and you spend it in pleasant bed and breakfast accommodation, complete with swimming pool access.

This accommodation is very close to the actual sanctuary and the activities range from healing workshops to yoga and swimming with dolphins in the ocean. If you want to reset your body and mind, this is the place to do that.


Miami and Orlando are probably the two biggest urban centres in Florida, but they are very different. Orlando is known as the ‘theme park capital’ and – unless you are with children- it can be a bit too touristy.

Miami is the home of the most exciting Florida nightlife and is where you need to be if you aim to party. Head to the Latin quarter for the loudest and most vibrant bars and clubs in the city, but a lot of the fun and games take place on the beach.

This is a city where people party amid the sun, sea and sand all day and night. Miami is not just about nightlife though, because the South Beach area is full of stunning buildings in the Art Deco style that give it a unique look. This is the place to take pictures for your Instagram.

Everglades National Park

People rarely associate Florida with nature, but this national park is last on my list of its key places. It encompasses flatwoods, marshes and mangroves and is the place to spot everything from panthers to snakes and crocodiles (at a safe distance).

Bird lovers will appreciate it too, because there are over 360 different species to be spotted flying and nesting throughout its 1.5 million acres.

Florida has just about everything a person could want in a travel destination and the weather is pretty close to perfect too.