The promise of superpowers on the Island of the Gods

8th January 2019

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras shares that if you become quiet and pay close attention to your mind, you can gain supernormal powers. Capabilities like this, known as siddhi, are far from magical and anyone can possess them. Dedicated meditative practice in the yogic tradition enforces siddhi superpowers which have nothing to do with supernatural miracles, divine intervention or traditional religious faith.

Dealing with distraction

Distraction, brought on by daily demands and pressures, often hinders your ability to undertake even the simplistic of yogic disciplines, namely, paying attention to your breath. While thoughts cannot be fully shut off, it is the ability to acknowledge their presence without allowing them to directly influence your mental control and focus that is the aspirational goal. Dealing with the root cause of repetitive, emotionally distressing and distracting thoughts is not solved by the pretence of ignoring them. Gaining insight is not merely about introspection, but perhaps aligning your mission for mental clarity with assistance from other sources, including mediums and psychics. Services offered by various Readers found on TheCircle or other such portals are designed to be a safe environment where seemingly irrational feelings that play on your mental and spiritual self can be addressed. Specialist Readers are gifted psychics in a diverse field with abilities that manifest as extra-sensory perception allowing them to assist you in an empathetic manner.

A healing space

A trip to the Island of the Gods, including a hike up Mount Batur, offers the opportunity to experience the endless possibilities of obtaining extra-sensory perception. Within this geographical location, you have a tropical gem nestled by the magnificent riverbanks of the Campuhan River; the Kundalini Yoga Retreat Center, Svarga Loka Wellness Resort. As a health and healing resort, it is the perfect breakaway when you seek renewal and transformation. In its magnificent environment, the entire resort was built without removing a single tree to retain the magical energy of the area.

Svarga Loka is a personalised retreat that starts with private consultations to assess individual goals and needs. Visitors get to experience the wonders of self-healing through a multi-faceted program that offers a strong foundation for individuals seeking home practising for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Each one of the therapies balances your energetic system to lead to a sense of wholeness. You would be able to describe it as superconscious, higher self or getting in touch with your soul. Opening or getting in touch with seven of your chakras allows your consciousness and subconsciousness to merge and this is the state you would wish to achieve to get insight into the world of capabilities you did not access before.

Through this technique, your life could potentially improve where you could feel lighter with no fears and more laughter. With this comes the ability to accept and give unconditional love, therefore, increasing your vitality and strength. In turn, you are able to free your imagination and clear your creative mind.
Learning to expand your spiritual horizon often requires letting go of cinematic notions of the magical and unattainable mystical world. Often times, what’s necessary is always the wisest course of action and only you know the real necessities in your life

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