The Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Texas

18th June 2016

Many people choose to get married in a state other than the one in which they live. It could be for several reasons. Maybe they want to get married in the state they were born in. Maybe the couple met in that state. Maybe they just really love the food there!

Whatever the reason, getting married in another state isn’t as hard as you may think. This article is going to take Texas as an example. Here’s your ultimate guide to getting married in Texas!

Pick your destination

“But wait,” I hear you say. “I’ve already picked a destination. Texas!” Yes, fair enough. But we’re talking here about a very, very big state. In terms of state size in the United States, it’s second only to Alaska. There’s a huge range of amazing cities that would all make perfect wedding destinations.

There are the more famous names – Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin are all worth considering. But if you want to a really “Southern” feel then you can try going to some of the less populous cities. Temple, Cedar Park and Grapevine are worth checking out.

Getting the legal side sorted

Thankfully, most states in America follow a pretty similar and uniform marriage license process. However, you will need to show up personally to a county clerk’s office. And it’s both of you who need to show up! It doesn’t have to be the county you’ve chosen to get married in, though. You can find out more at

A marriage license in Texas costs in the region of $70-90. It’s worth noting here that, overall, Texas is quite a cheap place to get married. At least, it doesn’t appear on this list of the twenty most expensive states to get married in! You’ll also need to arrange for someone to marry the two of you.

Making sure all your guests can attend

Getting married in a different state can cause some strain when it comes to guests. This actually tends to be the primary reason that people choose to get married locally. But all heading to another state gives everyone a chance for a cool little vacation, right?

You may want to start scoping people’s availability and willingness before you finalize your plans. You should also consider how people are going to get around in what is potentially unfamiliar territory. If you have a lot of guests, consider renting a big vehicle for everyone! Go to to check out your options.

Staying for your honeymoon

It turns out that Texas isn’t just a great place to get married! It’s such a large and culturally-rich land that it makes perfect sense to stay there a little longer once you’ve tied the knot.

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