The Ultimate Guide to Survive Sleeping in an Airport

25th March 2021

Those who often need to take long plane trips must have slept in an airport at some point in their life. It is necessary to get sound sleep, especially during long flights and trips. However, it is necessary to plan for a situation when you need to sleep in busy public areas. So here are some tips to avoir airport nightmares.

The major benefit of planning is that you will not have to deal with hotel reservations and cabs to rest for a few hours. Trust me, it would save you from a lot of stress and saves money as well.

A delayed flight can be problematic for those who have already reached the airport. More specifically, it could be worse for those who are at the Philadelphia International Airport for the first time, for example. Over the past few years, the airport has gone through some major renovations and changes.

The administration has spent more than $900 million on the overhaul process to add various shopping destinations, dining facilities, and entertainment spots for facilities. Besides, the airport now has some spaces where you can relax as well.

So, if your flight has been delayed by the bad weather or other reasons, don’t worry. Those who are planning to get through the Philadelphia Airport this time, we have put together some useful suggestions in this guide. These tips would help all of you who always ask where to sleep in the airport, to plan your layover in airports.

How to Sleep Inside Philadelphia Airport [Survival Tips]

Look For No-Traditional Ways

Some of the airports have dedicated yoga and meditation spaces that are open 24/7 for the passengers. While some other airports have some peaceful corners where you will not have to listen to the regular announcements by airport staff. It can either be kids or a family area designed for the passengers. However, you need to take care of the privacy of those who would be using the space for other purposes.

Arrange A Sleeping Bag

We can’t deny the fact that every airport has a completely different layout. Benches are now a thing of the past, you will find contoured seats and fixed armrests in the waiting areas. So, you may need to lay down on the floor to get some sleep in that case.

It is recommended that you should get a portable sleeping bag, even if you’re planning to stay in a motel. Those who are purchasing a new one should go for an inexpensive lightweight option.

Seek Out A Lounge

Specifically, Philadelphia Airport has a couple of lounges but unfortunately, you won’t find designated rest areas or sleep rooms.

So, if you plan to sleep in the airport, search for a designated sleep-friendly zone (if available). You can easily find a mini room to enjoy a sound sleep. Moreover, the quiet and dark space would ensure your privacy.

Besides the general seating areas, lounges are a comfortable place. You can easily get a day pass by paying a minimal fee of $30-50. There you will have access to snacks, comfortable chairs and other facilities to spend your waiting hours.

However, some of them may close overnight, so it is better to check the hours to make the necessary arrangements. Go and search online for info related to airport lounges.

Take Advantage Of Airport Sleeping Pods

Everyone doesn’t like to sleep on the floor and it seems like some airports thought of it as a business idea. These airports provide an alternative option for passengers to earn a small profit. The invention of sleeping pods has made it possible. For those who don’t know, these are private and small capsules that allow the passengers to take some rest.

Although you need to pay a small amount as a fee, you still save a handsome amount by ditching the hotel room. Also, you won’t have to pay for transport fare to/from the airport.

Look for Hotels

Many people might be looking for some extra comfort and privacy. We have a couple of options for those who want to enjoy a sound sleep between flights. In this way, you won’t have to leave the airport anyway.

Minute Suites

Travellers can stay at a pretty good hotel “Minute Suites” located inside the Philadelphia Airport. If you want to relax, work or take a nap, choose from one of the 2 workstation cubicles and 13 private suites.

Minute Suites offers fresh blankets, pillows, a daybed sofa, WiFi access, desk, phone, HDTV, and a sound masking system within each suite. It is located at Terminal A-B Link.

As far as the rates are concerned, they aren’t cheap. Here’re the details:

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However, in case all the suites are booked, you can rent out air mattresses at an affordable price of $ 40. They provide blankets and pillows as per the availability. The good thing is there is no time limit for air mattresses.

Philadelphia Airport Marriott

The Philadelphia Airport Marriott is located at the airport premises. If you want to access the hotel, head towards Terminal B to get to the sky bridge. You can use the scheduled airport shuttle service for free. The shuttle operates from 4:00 AM to 12:00 PM and departs every 20 minutes. However, you can book the shuttle service on-demand between 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

This is a traditional hotel that offers the best services for travellers who want to stay at the airport. Moreover, some other hotels are just 6 minutes’ drive away from the Philadelphia International Airport. You can consider them as an alternative option.

General Information [Philadelphia International Airport]

The Philadelphia Airport is open 27/7. But as soon as Security checkpoints there is a possibility that some terminals may close overnight. So, you may need to move to the public side from inside the security in that case.


Since there are fewer people inside at night-time, you should expect a cold nighttime temperature. So, you should have a sleeping bag or a blanket to cope up with those conditions. If the temperature is not that cold in the terminal, you can simply wear a hoodie.


Those who are concerned about the lighting must note that it is generally on at night. Thus, you should either have eyeshades or any other stuff to cover your eyes at night.


The noise factor is one of the biggest complaints of the travels. You would end up hearing non-stop announcements both during the day or night at non-stop. It is recommended that you should pack noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to deal with these issues.

Airport Staff

The Philadelphia Airport staff is reportedly very nice. They don’t bother overnight campers or sleepers. We have also read some stories where the staff also provided sleep essentials and toiletries to travellers. Thus, it is better to head over to the information desk to check if you get a blanket, pillow, a toiletry kit and a sleep kit for free. Some people got some of these items in Terminals B, C, and F.

Weather Delays

Philadelphia Airport is more prepared than other airports for sleepovers. It’s because the airport deals with comparatively more mass cancellations due to thunderstorms and snow. However, the Hospitality Program comes to the rescue by offering blankets, pillows, snacks, and nearby hotel information to the passengers. You can access the information by asking airport or airline employees.

Showers & Spa

Unfortunately, those who want to freshen up will not find any showers. On the other hand, you can head over to the XpresSpa located at C, D and F Terminals. The Spa provides pretty good massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure facilities.


When it comes to cafes and restaurants, you can find plenty of options at the Philadelphia Airport. The Airport police keep a strong check so the prices are pretty much the same as in the city. However, none of the food spots operate 24 hours a day so you should plan ahead of time.

Most restaurants and cafes within the airport follow a varying schedule. You must be happy to know that the airport follows a Street Pricing policy. It means that you will find the same prices as on the street. Travellers can find fresh sandwiches and salads at different locations.

Iron Chef’s Restaurant

The restaurant has got some good reviews on Google because of its food. It takes its time to cook delicious food. So, you can go there to order your favourite food during flight delays. A Gobbler or Fat Doug is the best option to try at the Iron Chef’s Restaurant.

La Colombe

Many tourists are addicted to coffee and they rely on it to cure their headache. If so, you can find some good caffeine options at La Colombe. A cup of coffee will help to stay fresh on your next flight.

Security & Safety Tips

The security and safety of travellers are one of the major concerns these days. Fortunately, at the time of writing, we have not received any reports about potential safety issues specifically at the Philadelphia Airport. Here’re some tips and tricks for you to ensure a sound airport sleeping experience.

Keep in touch with the security staff

You should keep in touch with the security staff whether you are sleeping at the airport with friends or family. You should know about their office to reach out to them in case of any security issues. They will move you to a safe spot in that case.

Stay With Other People

There are billions of people who travel alone constantly. If you are one of those, it is highly recommended that you should stay close to other people at the airport. It is necessary to ensure your safety while you are sleeping. So that no one can steal your luggage or harm you in any way.

Hide Your Valuable Stuff

Travellers should not leave their mobile devices and other electronic gadgets openly. Many people ignore the necessary safety precautions and leave out their devices (laptops, iPods, or earphones). The same is the case with money and other documents. So, you should securely keep them in a safe place.

Keep Your Bags In A Secure Place

Many of us are a deep sleeper, it means that once we sleep, we are unaware of our surroundings. If you are one of those, consider any of these options. While you are sleeping, keep your bag against the wall or turn it upside down if it has zippers. In this way, no one would be able to access your bags.

Prefer To Stay Alert

You may not feel safe in certain situations, so it is better to stay awake. You can overcome laziness by drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Remember, you can always sleep on a plane.

The History of Philadelphia Airport [Brief Look]

The Philadelphia Airport started its operations in 1940. It was previously called Philadelphia Municipal Airport. However, many people are not aware of the fact that the city was already using this land for air transportations. The Pennsylvania National Guard aviators started their training on this land back in 1925.

Later on, Charles A. Lindburgh, the heralded pilot officially allocated the site to establish the Philadelphia Municipal Airport. The city contacted the federal government to purchase a $3 million worth of 1,000-acre land in the 1930s. This land was purchased to build the airport. But the management decided to postpone the plan for a few years.

The construction finally started in 1937 and the airport was ready for operations in 1940. Then the Airport started offering overseas flights in 1945. It was the time when the Airport was renamed as the Philadelphia International Airport.

Finally, do remember to keep a loose shirt, pants, and slippers in your luggage. Because you can’t get good sleep unless you are wearing comfortable clothes.

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