Things to Know Before You Go to NYC

29th November 2017

Known as the City of Dreams, New York City is the Mecca for artists, dreamers, and entrepreneurs who come to look for new ideas. Although you will find many tips on what to do and not to do, here are some practical things that you need to know before touring the city of New York:

Give Yourself Time to Get Around

If you ask any New Yorker, you will find out that it takes twenty minutes to travel from one part of the city to the other. With numerous yellow cabs and subway options, going from one place to another should be quite easy. However, you should prepare for subway delays, stalled lines, and traffic.

Start your commute early to allow time for derailments. If it takes twenty minutes to get to your destination, you should give yourself at least thirty minutes.

Avoid Empty Subway Cars

The R train usually comes with many passengers except for a single, deserted car. As a tourist, you might run to that car thinking you have hit the jackpot. If you notice an empty car on a train that is packed, avoid it like the plague.

Such cars are empty for a reason: it could be that the air conditioning is broken or there is a disgusting stench emanating from it. Whatever the reason, do not be eager to know.

Keep Walking

If you want to annoy a New Yorker, just stop in the middle of the sidewalk. In the concrete jungle, people move as if they are in a well-orchestrated dance. Therefore, if you stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take photos, you are likely to upset many passersby. If you must take a picture, step aside to allow the foot traffic to continue.

Riding the East River Ferry

When going sightseeing, consider getting on Liberty cruise (book your tickets here to see the beautiful sights from a new vantage point. The tour will take you from the New York harbor all the way to South Street Seaport. You will get to enjoy fresh air and arresting views, while listening informative stories.

Sightseeing from the water, is a much better option for anyone looking to explore NYC at their own pace.

Know How You Will Travel From the Airport

The main airports in New York are JFK and LaGuardia. Once you leave the airport, you will be flooded by many transport options to the city proper. You should avoid gypsy cabs – private taxi companies – because they charge very high rates to unsuspecting tourists.

Order an Uber or go to the official yellow cab taxi stand to find a ride.

See Times Square and Move on

When tourists come to NYC, they do not leave without visiting Times Square. This busy intersection is a historic location that has grown to become a commercialized epicenter. Chaotic and crowded, Times Square is busy most of the time.

Instead of spending your time there, take some pictures and keep it moving. This way, you will not be stuck in a moving flow of foot traffic.

Go Beyond Manhattan

Rent in Manhattan is skyrocketing. Because of the increasing rent, historic storefronts and small businesses are shutting down and moving into the outer boroughs of New York. You will come across charming little shops and restaurants when you visit Queens and Brooklyn because business owners are looking for cheaper rent. Although Manhattan will never lose its appeal, you need to widen your horizons.

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