Think You Can’t Afford To Travel? Now You Can With These Tips!

9th January 2017

There’s no doubt that travel can be expensive. Especially if you want to experience five-star hotels, high-end dining and all of the other luxuries that can come along with a vacation. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and if you’re happy to simply get out there and see the world, it can be done for less than you might think. And why wouldn’t you, travel is one of the most exciting, fulfilling and all round best things you can do in your life so if you have the opportunity seize it with both hands. Here are some of the ways you can travel without breaking the bank.

Save Save Save!

Even putting a little bit of money away each week or month will add up. If you have a goal in mind, whether that’s visiting a country or buying a round the world ticket, saving a little at a time until you get there is one option. You could start a savings jar and use it for all of your loose change, or open a savings account and transfer a bit of money to it each week. You could also sell anything you’re no longer using and use the money too. This could be old, broken jewelry, out of date technology even games and DVDs. There are loads of companies out there specializing in buying these kinds of things, or you could go down the eBay/ Craigslist route. When Christmas and birthdays roll around, ask people to contribute to your savings fund instead of buying gifts. The same applies to things like graduation gifts and anything else. Being able to go and see the world is a valuable gift and is sure to give more fulfillment than a trinket or Christmas jumper. Either way, tightening the belt and putting any extra money towards saving for travel could make it a possibility.

Finance Your Trip

Proceed with caution on this one. If this is something that works for you, for example you’re careful with your spending and know you can afford the repayments, getting a loan or using a credit card could be an option. Funding a luxury lifestyle you can’t afford on credit is a quick way to end up in trouble with money. But if this is a trip or travel adventure that’s been on your bucket list forever, financing it is one way it could happen. You will need a good credit score to get a loan or card with a high enough amount and without massive rates of interest. So while this won’t be for everyone, it’s something to think about if it suits your situation.

Work While You’re Away

One of the biggest financial issues when traveling, especially if you’re going to be away for a while isn’t just paying for upfront tickets to get to your destination. Instead, it’s being able to afford to live while you’re away. One way you can get around this if you don’t have a lot of savings is to work while you’re away. There are different schemes you can sign up to where you work or volunteer some hours in return for food and accommodation. Or you could freelance and earn money. Blogging, Youtube, writing and design are some of the ways you can work from your laptop and make money on the go. Get yourself established before you go so you’re already making a reasonable income. Then use this to fund your travel. Working while you’re away might not seem like the ideal choice, but if it’s the only way to travel then it’s so worth doing!

Build Up Loyalty Points To Spend on Travel

Building up loyalty points is easy since you pick them up when you’re buying things you would usually buy. There’s no hassle to you, and after a certain amount of time you’ll earn enough points to redeem some rewards. This can be on things like flights, hotels or other travel related things. It can help bring down the cost of your trip and hasn’t cost you any money, time or effort to do. There are many different stores which offer this kind of thing, so make sure you’re signing up to a loyalty card so that you don’t miss out. You can find out more on sites like Upgraded Points and is something you could look into if you want to travel on a budget.

Consider an RV Road Trip

The great thing about an RV road trip is you get your travel and accommodation rolled into one. You can eat cheaply on the road by visiting grocery stores and save your budget for visiting tourist attractions and other fun things along the way that you want to experience. RVs can be hired from lots of places, and all you need to drive one is a standard driving license. There are even sites where you can hire RVs from people instead of companies which can work out a little cheaper. There are lots of set tours that you can do in places like America, Route 66, for example, is a popular one. There are also border to border, Atlantic Coast, Oregon Trail and road to nowhere to consider, having in mind the kind of weather and attractions you’re hoping for will help you to decide. If you’re more confident, you could even look on a map and set your own route.

Search For Discounts

Don’t pay full price for anything unless you have to. Spending the extra time searching for deals and discounts can cut hundreds or even thousands of the cost of your travel. If you’re a student or work in certain industries, you may be entitled to certain discounts in regards to fares and tickets. Other ways you can save is to look for bundle deals. For example, signing up to a chain of hostels might also give you free or reduced tickets or transportation elsewhere. Research thoroughly and only hit the ‘buy now’ button when you’re sure you’re getting the absolute best price. It always pays to be organized when it comes to traveling. Not only will this secure you great deals but it means things like vaccinations and visas aren’t overlooked.

Eat Smart

Food is likely to be a big cost while you’re away. Dining out for every meal, even in cheap chain restaurants will add up (plus, it’s not the healthiest). Instead, make trips to markets or grocery stores for ingredients you can prepare healthy meals with. It will work out a lot cheaper and save you on a big chunk of money. When you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll want to save your cash for real experiences. Eat cheaply and then dine out at the occasional nice restaurant instead of blowing your money on unhealthy meals out every day.

Stay In Hostels

Hostels are much cheaper to stay in than hotels are. If you sign up to a chain of hostels, it means you can stay at any of their hostels anywhere in the world. While you won’t get a luxury experience, travel hostels are a lot nicer than you might think. Fancy hotels are nice, but when you’re out seeing the world, all you really need is a place to wash, sleep and eat. As you probably won’t be spending that much time there anyway. If you’re using hostels, it can make sense to plan your route on the map in a way that you can easily get to them each evening. Being sure to make sure your route covers all of the fun and exciting things you want to see on your travels too!

Consider Backpacking

Backpacking is a humble way to travel and doesn’t need you to have much money at all. You have the option of using hostels or could even go camping in a tent or a hammock. When you are traveling on foot and using public transport, it keeps costs right down. Backpacking will involve shopping at markets, eating tasty street food and visiting inexpensive cafes and chains rather than dining in luxury. It will mean mixing with the locals and finding out about the culture instead of lying by the pool in a high-end hotel. It means you get to see the world in the most incredible way. The main cost will be purchasing your backpack and any essential equipment, but once this is out of the way, it’s an inexpensive way to travel. You could even hire backpacking or hiking equipment instead of purchasing it if you’re not sure how much use you would get out of it long term.

If you want to travel but let money hold you back, it’s always worth trying to make it work. You can always earn more money, but you might not always have the opportunity to go out, be free and see the world.

Have you ever considered traveling on a budget?

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