Tips for College Students Buying a Mattress Before Heading Off to School

3rd February 2020

Graduating high school and heading off to a college is a milestone that many young people around the country look forward to every year. At the same time, leaving all of the comforts of home behind after so many years can be rather a rather daunting and emotional process as well.

There is so much to learn and take in, and it seems that it is all thrust upon a person entering college in one fail swoop. One thing that will make you feel better is your bed. This should be one of your top priorities as you set out to create your first home for yourself.

Here are some tips to effectively make that transition.

What Kind of Mattress?

What type of mattress you end up purchasing really depends on the type of accommodation you will end up with. Some people are required to live on campus in a dorm for the first year or two. Many others choose to do so in order to make the most of the college experience. Others will opt to live off-campus in an apartment. Each comes with unique possibilities when it comes to arranging for a mattress to be put into your bedroom.

Dormitory Living

If you are going to be living in a dorm, the chances are very good that you will already have a bed put into your room for you. Most of the dorms in the United States will have a Twin XL mattress available for every resident. These mattresses measure 39 X 80 inches, making them ideal for taller students.

Now that you know the measurements, you will want to use those to decide what type of bedsheets to get. The more comfortable the better. Keep in mind that dorm mattresses tend to not be very thick, nor are they known for their comfort. Because of this, you will want to consider buying some extra padding to make up for it. This will keep you from having to buy an entirely new mattress that you will only be able to use for a year or two anyway.

Off-Campus Apartment Living

Living off-campus can certainly have its advantages, but keep in mind that you will typically have to furnish it yourself. While this does create an extra expense, it also allows you the opportunity to buy your own mattress. Take a lot of time to find the one that feels most comfortable for you within the budget that you have set for yourself.

Mattresses can vary in price from a hundred bucks to over four thousand. You can choose a memory foam bed if you have back pain. These tend to help you enjoy a more relaxing sleep through the night.

Choosing Your Bedding

To really feel comfortable away from the home you have enjoyed all of your life to this point, you need some comfortable bedding. This includes pillows, pillowcases, bedsheets, and so much more. Depending on where in the country you are living, you may want to invest in a thick and comfortable blanket as well. Go for something with a higher thread count when it comes to your cotton sheets. You will love how these feel on your skin while sleeping.

Take your time when choosing a mattress and accessories. Everyone is a bit different. Choose the items that are most comfortable for you and then you be more likely to enjoy each night of sleep as a college student.

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