Tips For Packing Light And Practicing Yoga On The Road

When traveling, yoga is a great way to recover from a long car or plane ride physically, an excellent opportunity to stretch and reinvigorate yourself, and ideal for a bit of self-time and giving yourself a mental break from all the activities.

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Maintaining your yoga routine while traveling can be challenging, and your effort to support such a daily routine might turn out differently than you plan. So to help you maintain your quest for practicing and keep up your daily yoga time on the road, we have some helpful tips as follows:


The first step to packing light is practicing non-attachment and emotionally letting go of anything you might not need. The second part is the practical part and takes some time, but it gets easier and faster with practice! First, place your chosen carry-on size case on the bed. Then take everything that you desire and lay it beside it. This way, rather than automatically layering it on top and forgetting what you packed, you can see everything.

Depending on the type of holiday or retreat you are going to, you can exclude bulky and heavy clothing. For example, a single light sweater will suffice in semi-warm places. Instead of packing several thick jumpers and knits in colder climates, invest in a set of thermal layers.

Bring Your Own Travel Mat

Trying to bring along your yoga mat is going to bring along your dedicated practice space. Rolling out your mat and feeling its texture beneath your bare feet activates a mental switch. It puts you in the right frame of mind to practice without interruption. If you are looking for a new yoga mat, Invest in an eco-friendly mat designed for travel. They’re much less expensive than thick traditional yoga mats and fold up to the size of a pair of jeans, making them ideal for slipping into a backpack or suitcase.

For tips on how select your eco-friendly yoga mat, check out our quick tips on how to find the best eco-friendly yoga mat with additional information about the fabrics and their benefits. Please choose the best one for you and always keep it with you.

Mind And Body

Yoga is a physical and mental practice that involves a total focus on one’s mind and body which can be challenging to attend while traveling. Our mind never stops. However, cannabis is a plant that contains various intoxicating and psychoactive compounds that, when consumed in multiple ways, can allow users to gain greater access to their minds and body. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many teachers and practitioners are combining cannabis and yoga to achieve mental and physical well-being.

That said, there are still some legal obligations that you need to be aware of before mixing yoga and cannabis. Many states have yet to legalize cannabis as a medical herb. So to avoid any unwelcome legal proceedings in the court, we have set aside a complete state-wise guide about medical cannabis to keep you updated about the various state laws and regulations when it comes to medical cannabis.

Plan A Simple Yoga Practice Routine

Decide on an achievable and realistic time you can commit to your practice each day and stick to that no matter what. This first small commitment will help you establish a routine wherever you go and stay focused, grounded, and blissfully aware as you travel.

A few simple practice routines committed to memory or even recorded somewhere can always be helpful. This is especially useful if you don’t usually practice on your own and are used to taking classes and only practicing under the supervision of your teacher.

Having some go-to routine will help you stick to practice with a little more effort and without having to “think” about what to do.

Remember That Yoga Is Much More Than Just Asana

Asana, or physical postures, is only one comprehensive yoga practice component. You don’t have to move your body daily to be a true yogi physically.

You certainly do not! Sit in silence. Meditate. Even if you’re exhausted from jet lag, be kind to those around you. Avoid waste and do as little harm as possible.

Travelers And Portable Yoga Classes

Numerous podcasts and online classes fit neatly onto your phone or tablet. Simply searching “yoga class” yields a plethora of styles to suit various practice types and personalities. If you download a tonne of episodes before departure, you’ll have a class at your fingertips anytime and anywhere, which can be essential for practicing yoga while traveling.

Final Thoughts

You can incorporate yoga into your travels now that you know where to start. It’s a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility, lower stress, and achieve outstanding balance throughout your journey.

Keeping that in mind, if you are aware and searching for the best yoga retreats, meeting new people with similar interests, and learning the various aspects of yoga. We have an amazing list for you. You can check out our list of The best yoga retreat in the world to explore the new world of yoga. Here you can find spiritual retreats for all price ranges and skill levels.