Tips for Visiting Iceland

22nd February 2018

Iceland has boomed recently as a top travel destination. More and more airlines are offering affordable flights to this beautiful country, and it’s no wonder it has been gaining so much notice! With stunning views that look like something out of a sci-fi movie and a charming culture, you’ll want to add Iceland to your bucket list ASAP! While Iceland looks picture perfect in the snapshots by your favorite Instagram travelers, there are some things you need to know before jetting off to this unforgettable place. And while hotsprings in Iceland were my favorite thing ever, there is so much more Iceland has to offer. Read on for my tips!

Consider taking a tour instead of traveling on your own.

While many people prefer the freedom of traveling on their own, Iceland tours are actually the best way to get around. Iceland is a spread out place, and that means a lot of driving from one place to another. Check out this great Iceland Ring Road itinerary for some inspiration. If you want to explore smaller villages outside of the major cities, it’s harder to get around by yourself. A tour offers the chance to see the less explored parts of this country without having to wrangle with accommodation and transportation on your own.

Beware! Iceland isn’t as cheap as you’d think!

The budget airlines offering low-cost flights from the United States and Europe to Iceland are making it seem like an affordable destination. But, don’t be fooled by low travel prices! Traveling the Nordics is expensive – andIceland is actually one of the most expensive places to visit. You can expect to pay a pretty penny for everything from hotels, transportation, to even food. To keep costs low, travel in a larger group and split costs when you can or try to avoid popular tourist activities.

Plan on doing a lot of driving.

If you hate driving or traveling by car, Iceland is not for you. Though the country doesn’t look too big on a map, the narrow winding roadways make it difficult to get around. If you’re only spending a week or so in Iceland, you’ll want to travel around the region and do some glacier tours, and the best way to do it is by car. Expect to spend hours driving from place to place, so to ensure you’re taking the fastest route, review your itinerary before starting off the trip.

When driving, pay attention to the law!

While you should always be careful when driving, especially abroad, Iceland is notorious for taking traffic and speeding seriously. Familiarize yourself with the average speed limits and obey them even if you don’t see any police around. Iceland has a lot of automatic traffic report devices, so you might not even know you broke the law until you receive a fine in the mail after your trip!

Sightsee at night!

Iceland is so far north that during some periods of the year, the sun hardly sets! That means you have more time to spend exploring than you would in other parts of the world. Explore the popular destinations and attractions at night to avoid crowds and see a different side of Iceland. As a country, Iceland is very safe, so traveling and exploring at night shouldn’t be a problem and you probably won’t be the only one doing it!

Finally, take your time in Iceland.

The most important tip to remember when visiting Iceland is to remember to take your time. Iceland is a stunning country and you will experience views that will take your breath away. It’s tempting to rush from place to place as you want to keep seeing more, but the culture of Iceland is pretty slow and laid back. Take your time to really take in the views and experience this place. Stop and say hello to the locals, interact with other travelers, and make the most of every moment.

Enjoy the best of Iceland!

Read on for more cheap travel tips in Iceland! Iceland is about more than taking Instagram photos to make your friends at home jealous. It’s an untouched landscape that looks like it belongs on another planet rather than on Earth. It’ll inspire you to push your own boundaries when traveling, and to finally relax and be in the moment. Enjoy the best of Iceland by keeping these tips in mind during your trip!

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  1. Lilia Robberts

    Iceland is so beautiful! I would love to visit one of these days. Thank you for letting me know that, “The most important tip to remember when visiting Iceland is to remember to take your time. Iceland is a stunning country and you will experience views that will take your breath away.” This tip was very important to me because I tend to rush through life a lot. Along with following your other suggestions, I will be looking for a tour guide to help me explore this beautiful land.


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