Top 3 Tips About The Best Italy Tours You Can’t Afford To Miss

21st May 2019

Sun-kissed beaches, romantic waterways, alluring landscapes, stunning vineyards, delectable cuisine, intriguing history and much more; this is what Italy is all about. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to visit this awesome country, a little planning and preparation are definitely needed beforehand. The places to visit, how to conduct yourself when interacting with others, what to wear and where to eat; these are some practical questions and you will get all the answers here so that your trip to Italy becomes a truly delightful experience.

Read on to find out about some of Italy’s hidden gems.

Places to Visit

This country is blessed with varied and beautiful landscapes, historic treasures, charming cities, spectacular coastlines and iconic architectural marvels. To explore Italy fully, you need to have a detailed itinerary so that you get the best of everything. Rome, Venice (which can be a bit pricey, so do consider day trips to Venice), Milan, Tuscany, a tour of Florence, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Sicily and Pompeii are some of the popular places to include in your list. You can also browse through the best of Italy trips – tour packages 2019 for a wonderful and fun filled holiday without any hassles.

The capital of Italy, Rome is an exciting combination of traditions and culture from the past and modern sensibilities. The place is home to several ancient buildings constructed in the Roman style of architecture. The city also has a number of museums which house important historical testimonials. The Colosseum is Rome’s most popular structure and is an icon in itself. Avoid the long queue by booking your visit to the Colosseum (as well as several other amazing attractions) via musement ahead of time, pro tip!

Another must visit the area is the Amalfi Coast which is known for its exceptional scenic locales comprising of serene beaches, picture-perfect fishing towns, mystical cliffs and glittering bays. A trip to Italy is incomplete without a visit to this amazing coastal region of Italy.

Eat like a local

Italy is known across the world for its mouthwatering food. The birthplace of the world’s most favourite food item – pizza, this country is a haven for any foodie. Whether it is a wood baked pizza in a Naples pizzeria or a sumptuous Italian meal in a Tuscany farm, dining out in Italy is surely a high point and something not to be missed. A typical Italian fare consists of an antipasto followed by a primo which is usually pasta or risotto. The main course is known as secondo which is a dish made of fish or meat and then there is a concern which is the side dish. Last but not least is dolce which is the dessert and not to forget the succulent wine.

Use trains for in-country travelling

Trains are the best means of commuting within the country. The Italo train network connects 13 major cities and is one of the most popular modes of transport. These high-speed trains are equipped with state of the art onboard facilities consisting of reclining seats with footrests and tables, power sockets and free WiFi. You can get snacks and drinks from the vending machines available onboard. There is a cinema coach where passengers can enjoy a variety of entertainment options. The trains can cover 300 kilometres in an hour and the tickets are also fairly priced which makes them a great cost and time-efficient option.

With these simple and easy tips, you are guaranteed to have a magical time on your Italy trip. Get set and start planning for the vacation of your dreams!

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