Top 7 Yoga Poses for Students Who Sit All Day Long

If you are one of those students who study for hours and hours at a time and forget to stand up, you need to be paying closer attention to your body. Being stiff and hurting will not help you keep your grades up in school; the more effort you put into keeping your body flexible and relaxed, the more mental effort you will have to spare on other various things. Even if you are not yet familiar with yoga, you should definitely try it to see how it fits you.

Since most of us students use laptops, phones, or tablets to communicate and work on, we need some stretching to release the pain and start fresh every single day. So, if a happy baby yoga pose is not for you today, do not be discouraged – understand that your time will come, you just must put in the required effort. Here are some of the most relevant poses for you. Check them out, good luck!

1. The Pigeon Pose Yoga

To stretch your rear end, all you need to do is choose the pigeon pose. This will not only soften but also make your glute muscles tighter and stronger. You should start in the tabletop positions (hands-on, knees on) and slowly step with your right foot in between the hands in front of you. Then, bend the knee and carefully bring the right feel at the top of the right thigh. Hold on there for as long as it keeps comfortable but try to not stay shorter than 10 seconds in one yoga pose.

2. The Twisting Triangle

If you sit all day and your back is hurting, you should be checking out the Twisting Triangle pose. That is because our backs are made out of vertebrae and if they are not decompressed enough, it can lead to uncomfortable lower back pain. The way to decompress these vertebrae is stretching by trying out this pose! Keep both of your feet apart and stable. Place your right hand to the inside of the left foot. Take the left arm out on the side and twist your torso to the left. Repeat on the other side.

3. The Downward-Facing Dog

One of the most common yoga poses but also one of the most interesting ones, the Downward-facing dog is a holistic post that stretches many parts of your body, writes HuffPost. Stretch your hands in front of you and move into an inverted V-shape position. Feel your arms and hands touching the floor, as well as your feet. Become grounded and strengthen those back muscles.

4. The Fish Pose

This pose is not only for back and neck pain but for reducing tension within the whole body as well. It could also work as an anxiety reliever. To come into this pose, point your toes to the wall in front of you (sit up on your hips) and bring your hands under your hips. Then, slowly lean back to put yourself on your forearms, stretching your whole body to its maximum point. Drop the head to the ground under you and relax. Breathe deeply and keep for at least 10 seconds.

5. The Yoga Tree Pose

The tree pose helps you become balanced physically as well as mentally. It makes you feel grounded and centred and focused and ready! Start with your feet together and then slowly shift your weight onto your right foot, bending your left knee. Grab your ankle and place your left foot within the inner right thigh range (doesn’t have to be all the way up). Contract your muscles and try to maintain that midline. As you can tell, yoga is a wonderful tool to reduce stress during exams and study sessions, and college essays for sale can be super-helpful if you feel like you need a break. So, exhale, exhale, and keep your balance!

6. The Cat & Cow

If you have a strong headache, this should be your favourite student portal pose to follow. Touch the ground with your palms and knees. Open the back to become a cat (on the inhale) and then, on the exhale, arch your back and lift your chest to come into the cow pose.

7. The Cobra Pose

For your back and neck bend, you will want to choose the cobra pose. Lye on the floor with your hands in front of you. Push up with your hands into a backbend (a slight one) and draw your shoulders down; then, look upwards and keep no tension in the face or jaw.

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