Top Destinations For A Vacation And What You Can Do For Fun

After a year of travel restrictions, holiday destinations are finally opening their doors to international tourists again. If you’re considering going on holiday, then you need to do your research and make it count. Your first vacation after the stress, headache, and confusion caused by the pandemic should be one to remember.

You do need to make sure that you’re fully vaccinated or alternatively provide evidence of a negative test before you fly. If you do not meet a country’s entry requirements, you could be turned away.

Here are the top destinations for a vacation, and what you can do for fun:


Scotland is one of the world’s most overlooked travel destinations. It is a country that is rich in history and culture. Its landscapes and wildlife are unrivaled. There are lots of things to do in Scotland, with golf being one of the most popular. The Scottish Highlands are one of the world’s premier golfing destinations. If you want to relax in beautiful surroundings and practice your golf swing fundamentals, then Scotland’s the place for you. The former U.S. President Donald Trump himself regularly visits Scotland just to play golf.


Just south of the border lies one of the most interesting, historic, and culturally rich countries in the entire world: England. From Buckingham Palace to Marble Arch, there’s so much to see. If you don’t fancy sightseeing, then you could consider going clay pigeon shooting, which is one of the British people’s favorite pastimes. You could also hike one of England’s hills or nature trails. England is allowing international tourists, which makes it a great place to go post-pandemic. You could also consider visiting Bicester Village if you’re a fashion tourist. Bicester Village is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations and offers brands like Gucci and Valentino at massive discounts.


Italy is a country that’s definitely worth visiting. Rome in particular is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. In Rome, you can see the ruins of the Colosseum, as well as visit the Vatican, the center of the Roman Catholic faith. You could also visit Milan, Napoli, or Venice. In Italy, you can sample delicacies like pizza, gelato, and artisan pasta. You could even visit Gammarelli, which is the Pope’s chief sock maker. If you prefer vacations that are more off the beaten track, then you could stay in an Airbnb in one of Italy’s many rural, scenic destinations. There’s nothing like a hike in the countryside to refresh you and bring you back to reality.



Thailand is another of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, particularly among westerners. There’s so much to do in Thailand, from sampling local food to going on fishing trips. Thailand’s wildlife and nature are unique, beautiful, and well-preserved. Why not visit a waterfall or go for a spa day in Phuket? If you prefer quieter holidays, then you could just get a hotel room at a beachside resort and enjoy Thailand’s crystal clear waters and white-sanded beaches. If you’re into spirituality and Eastern religion, you could visit the Wat Chalong Temple and Wat Phra Yai Temple. Thailand also has a very vibrant and exciting night scene.


France is a destination that you have to visit at least once in your life. The country’s history is incredible. There is a lot to do in France, from sightseeing at destinations like the Eiffel Tower, to enjoying Paris’s incredible fashion scene and nightlife. If you prefer more recent history, then you could visit the beaches of Normandy, which was where the Allies invaded France during World War II.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has become the go-to place for the world’s rich and famous over the last few years. It has an incredible skyline, crystal clear waters, and white-sanded beaches; what more could you want? You can go quad-biking on sand dunes or you can hire a jet ski for the day. If you want a more relaxed vacation, then you can attend a spa hotel, or you could just hang out on the beach or by the pool. The United Arab Emirates has thousands of artisan restaurants and also has a lively nightlife.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place to visit, for both food and culture. The former British colony has a vast and diverse history. It is unlike anywhere else in the world and is definitely distinct from China. It’s a place you should try to visit at least once in your life, particularly if you’re interested in history.

If you’re interested in travelling this year, then this list should provide you with the names of holiday destinations that are definitely worth visiting. There is so much more to do in all of these destinations than what’s described in this article. The only way to find out what else there is to do is to visit for yourself!