Top Traveller’s Tips to Pass Time in Airports

1st March 2017

Have you ever wondered what else you could be doing during a long wait at the airport? Almost every traveller has at one time or the other found himself in a situation where, after checking in the travel bags, were politely informed that they would have to wait a little (read, a long) while before they can continue on the trip.

The next time you are stuck at the airport clutching your boarding pass, consider these great ways to pass the time.

Window shopping

Most airports these days come with big shopping malls to rival the best your local city can boast of. Enjoy your time off by strolling around, admiring the gorgeous window displays. You can go ahead and pick up a surprise gift for a loved one or souvenirs as a memento of your trip.

If you’re like me, you probably think those beautifully arranged items in the stores at the airports are ridiculously overpriced. Don’t let this stop you from enjoying the feelings that come from browsing through the racks. What have you to lose? As long as you resist the impulse to impulse buy, and your credit card is tucked snugly out of easy reach in your bag. Window shopping is an enjoyable recreational leisure activity so relax and make the most of your free time at the airport. London’s beautiful Heathrow Airport is an especially great place to window shop.

Playing Bingo

Another good way to kill time at the airport is by playing bingo. It is a relaxing and engrossing game you can play for fun and to make some money. The word “bingo” probably brings to your mind a picture of your grandma and her friends gathered in a hall, and while there are certain merits to that, we are much more interested in how bingo can help you kill time at the airport.

Bingo can be played anywhere awaiting your next flight. What’s more, you do not have to download any applications onto your phone first, as it can be played directly on bingo sites from your web browser. is one of the best bingo sites where you can find bingo bonuses and top bingo tips to help you along.


Granted, the airport is a great place to meet people. If that is not your thing however, the next best is to watch them. People-watching is a great source of inspiration, entertainment and amusement. You can see people from different parts of the world in different styles of dress, speaking in different languages and with various accents.

Watch emotional reunion of separated lovers, or the warm welcome of parents as their son returns home from studying abroad. Be careful not to stare too long at individual persons however, you do not want to be mistaken for a creep.


Look on the bright side; you have nearly limitless options of meals to choose from at the airport, with plenty of time to savour each bite. I’ve never been particularly crazy about eating on the plane and there’s something about the altitude that doesn’t let my food stay down.

Most airports feature restaurants which provide huge and intriguing menus to tickle your travelling taste buds. Pappadeaux in Houston’s Hobby Airport for instance serves the best seafood to date.

So, the next time you are forced to wait at the airport, don’t sit twiddling your thumbs, and use these tips to make the waiting period an enjoyable one.

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