Travel to Macao tips and practical information

27th September 2019

Macao, is one of the most unknown and exotic destinations for Westerners. Before leaving until this new adventure, I told my family and friends that I was going to travel to Macau. Surprisingly, most of them did not know where he was and what his points of interest were. For this reason, I wanted to create this article full of tips and practical information for the traveler who wants to embark to visit this great place.

Where is Macao and how to get there

The million-dollar question, where is Macao? Very close to Hong Kong, we find this special administrative region of China. The most normal thing is to go to the HK International Airport and take a ferry either from the terminal or from the city if we have decided to go sightseeing in this city. Today, casino online slot services are easily accessible anywhere but Macao’s image as one of the world’s gambling centers is irreplaceable.

Travel to Macau tips

As a curiosity, if you arrive in HK and go directly to Macao, your bags will also do it and you won’t have to wait for the queue at the plane terminal. Once you arrive by ferry to Macao, you will find a ribbon-like in the airports to take your bags. In addition, there is an airport fee of 120 Hong Kong dollars that is included in the ticket. At the time of leaving on the way back, if you do not do it by plane, that is, if you go by ferry from Macao to the airport, it will be returned to you at the Refund Tax counter.

Do I need a visa to travel to Macao?

It is true that Macao is part of China but has its own visa laws. If you are a Spanish citizen, you will not need a visa to travel to Macao. However, if you read us from the Americas, I recommend you ask your nearest embassy or consulate.

Stays less than 90 days.

If you are traveling from China or wish to return, you will also have to have a visa to the Asian giant or the double-entry visa since traveling to Macao or Hong Kong is considered an exit from its territory for visa purposes.

What is the currency of Macao?

The official currency of Macao is the pataca. This word of Portuguese and Old Castilian origin is next to the Hong Kong dollar the two used in the region. They live in parity and if collecting bills and coins does not matter to you, I recommend changing to Hong Kong dollars since this currency is valid abroad and can be easily exchanged. By the way, when paying check the change to get you back in HK dollar.

Vaccines to travel to Macao

No vaccine is needed to travel to the region. However, we recommend you take out travel insurance for Macao and be covered in case of any accident.

Transportation in Macao

The historic center can be crossed on foot. However, if you want to visit the islands of Coloane or Taipa it is recommended to use a taxi, they are quite cheap. Another option is the bus, for 5 patacas (about 0.60 euro cents) you can travel around much of the region. This is what we did from Coloane to Macao to try this service.

Is it safe to travel to Macao?

Macao is a very safe destination. You can walk both day and night through the streets of the city. I practically spent all day in the street because I wanted to meet and discover new places. I never saw, nor felt any danger in the main streets as well as those that are far away and outside the tourist center.

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