Your Health at Your Fingertips with TravelSmart

14th May 2016

best travel insurance mobile app

Travel insurance is a little discussed topic around here, but today I thought I would address it because it is a very important one nonetheless. Some people have assumed that, with my carefree approach to many things in life and my generally great health, I would probably not bother buying travel insurance, but in fact you couldn’t be more wrong. In the two and a half years that I have been travelling, I have always, always, always had an insurance. My health is not something that I wish to gamble with, especially not on the road, and you never know what could happen, so please figure out how to choose cheap backpacker insurance and get suitably covered when you travel or you could be very sorry.

There is unfortunately a higher risk and potential for things going wrong while you are away from home, and Allianz Global Assistance has always been my travel insurance of choice for their great annual plans and sizeable claiming compensation for trip delays, and now they have a spiffy new mobile app called TravelSmart to keep your health and safety at your fingertips while you travel.

iphone app trip insurance

I don’t know about you, but I find travel insurance documents a little tedious and difficult to understand sometimes, so the TravelSmart app is a bit of a godsend for de-cluttering and organizing it all. Everything I need is now in one place: the free app features real-time flight stats to monitor the status of my flight, a medicine dictionary to provide the international term for my drugs abroad (I can also access pictures from my phone to add to my personal medication dictionary) with correct dosages so that I can be sure I am always taking the correct medication in the appropriate dosage, translation of first aid terms in multiple languages, country-specific information for police, fire, and ambulance contacts all over the world, international hospital search for establishments that have all been reviewed and approved by Allianz Global Assistance with directions from my current location, policy management for quick and easy access and a click to call hotline. It’s a one-stop-shop that can save time – let alone lives! – in case of emergencies.

TravelSmart mobile app for iPhone and Android

Design-wise, TravelSmart is very user friendly, easy to navigate and a total breath of fresh air compared to my stuffy paper insurance policy. Obviously, you will need an internet connection to use the TravelSmart app and not all destinations are listed just yet, but there are a lot of choices. I would suggest downloading the app before you leave for your trip, play around to see if it has where you’re going and make sure you know where to find the information in case of emergency.

For some reason, up until now I still had a paper copy of my travel insurance at all time (mind you, I have no idea where it is located). Thanks to TravelSmart, I now can easily confirm my coverage and find all the necessary information right where everything else lives – in my iPhone – if something happens on my trip. Perfect.

The TravelSmart app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android and can be downloaded and accessed from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Thanks to Allianz for sponsoring this post, providing travel coverage for the unexpected. Mostly Amelie received financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company).

39 thoughts on “Your Health at Your Fingertips with TravelSmart

  1. Stefan

    Couldn’t have come at a more perfect moment – we’re planning our big trip to Latin America and currently researching insurance options. Question – is this more suited for US citizens or for everyone? (We’re UK/French).

  2. Vanessa Chiasson

    Ah, the fine print of travel insurance documents! They can be so intimidating. I have a plan of sitting down with them, once a year, and reviewing with a bottle of wine. Or two. Being informed and having helpful tools at your side is a key part of any travel adventure.

  3. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    I always travel with travel insurance. I don’t want to gamble with my health and I also don’t want a 3-week trip to bankrupt my husband and I! How great to have an app to explain international names and dosage measurements! This seems very user-friendly. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Nisha

    Oh I have heard of TravelSmart very much but haven’t it till now.

    Same question as Stefan’s…. does it suit more to US citizens?

  5. Alana

    I never traveled with travel insurance until we set out on your 18 month around-the-world trip. While we never had to use it, it definitely opened my eyes to all the reasons why we should always carry it.

  6. Wandering Carol

    Sounds like a helpful app. I always travel with travel insurance, though I’m guilty of not knowing what I’m covered for. It seems like this would help spell things out when you need it.

  7. Brenda Tolentino

    Travel Insurance is a very important part of our travels, especially because we travel with our child. We’ve been using IMG for our insurance but will look into Allianz for next year because I quite like the smartapp feature. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Erika

    The smart app feature seems pretty nifty and probably saves a lot of the paperwork hassle and headache. I’ve never actually gotten travel insurance and always just hoped for the best, which is funny because the idea of being uninsured back home terrifies me. Good review about something I should probably look into…

  9. Rachel Simmet

    Wow this is so good to know about! Despite having travel insurance on my last trip to Europe I was too scared to go to the doctor when I was in pain from all the walking I was doing. Will definitely have to check this out.

  10. Joe

    I agree that travel insurance is one of those under-discussed aspects of travel: yes it’s it the most exciting topic, but it is important!

    I always travel with it and the peace of mind it grants you can’t be overstated, and it generally isn’t as expensive as you might think either. I’m still a newbie when it comes to using apps in general, but will bear this one in mind. I’ve been using Nomads Travel Insurance for the past few years and they haven’t let me down yet 🙂

  11. Voyager

    Travel insurance is a very important issue and as you rightly point out, not much discussed. After all you would not like to be stuck in a on foreign shores with a medical emergency and no insurance. Thanks for sharing this very informative article.

  12. Sabine

    I use the same travel insurance and I’m very happy with them. They are really good and offer a complete solution. I actually never travel without travel insurance. It’s a small amount you pay compared to your travel budget so I’m willing to pay for it.

  13. Katie

    Sounds like an excellent resource and a travel insurance worth checking out. I typically use World Nomads and have been happy with them, but if another company is making things much easier and straight forward…I’m interested! THanks for sharing!

  14. anna

    Wow great idea! first time I gave heard of this and it’s very clever. I love how things as boring as insurance is finding ways on how to be up with the times,

  15. Del

    Great post, I worked as a travel agent for a few years and the worst dad were always spent with customers who refused or “didn’t need” travel insurance !

  16. Julie

    It’s been a while since I’ve purchased separate travel insurance, thanks to working full time and being supported by a corporate policy. But that’s about to change and I’ve been worrying about jumping into the whole insurance game once again. Thanks for a good option I can research!

  17. Travelwith2ofus

    I totally agree with you, travel insurance is as important as your ticket and passport when you travel. In the age of technological advancement an app to help organize your insurance and make it easier to understand is certainly a welcome development.

  18. Rosemary

    Love the simplicity and ease of having all the insurance documentation on an app. My current provider does not make it as easy, and the benefits of having it all together when traveling is essential. Will look into this for our upcoming trip. Great timing. Thank you!

  19. Nowthatsahoneymoon

    Never heard of this app and will surely download it know. I have travel insurance only because applying for certain tourist visas require it – I have never made a claim but it helps my mind put to rest EVERYTIME I travel. This article is great especially for people like us who travels all the time. Thanks!

  20. Edwina

    I would never travel without travel insurance. I haven’t had to use mine yet, but come close several times. If nothing else, it gives me peace of mind. And I’ve actually used the Allianz insurance in the past, but that must have been before they got the app. Looks very useful!

  21. Chantae

    Oh interesting! I never heard of an insurance app but it seems super helpful! I’m in the market for a new insurance company.

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