Upcycling and Decor Ideas

It can be very satisfying to give your bedroom, kitchen or entire home a good declutter and revamp. The phrase “out with the old, in with the new” certainly rings true in relation to home improvement and spring cleaning. Decorating your home, whether you own or rent, can be affordable, easy and fun when you choose the right jobs and materials. Below you’ll find some easy DIY and decor tips for temporary and long-lasting improvements, along with ideas for upcycling projects.


Materials & Tools

When starting any DIY or home decor task, it is best to ensure you have all the materials and equipment needed to hand before starting. Whether it is paint brushes, wallpaper, a toolkit, masking tape or plaster, preparing well is half the battle in decorating. If you need to undertake home repairs such as fixing broken household items or repairing broken furniture, there are lots of glues available that can make the job quick and easy. Tools that are ideal to have to hand when undertaking any DIY projects include the following:

  • Hammer and nails for building or fixing furniture
  • Sandpaper for smoothing out rough surfaces
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • A drill for hanging picture frames on walls
  • A tube of wall filler for fixing holes or dents in walls

Temporary Decor Ideas

Self adhesive wallpaper and surface coverings are brilliant products for temporary decor. Adhesive wallpaper livens up a room and is available in lots of different colours and patterns. Renters should take note that it is also removable, and a great way to add your own touch your own touch on a rented home. Adding some fresh, new bedding to your bedroom is also a quick and effective way to give your room a facelift. Likewise, moving your furniture around is a nice way to invigorate the space, and possibly create room for a little yoga or meditation corner. Other decor ideas that can help personalise your space when renting include accessories such as cushions, lamps, plants, rugs and blankets, along with wall hangings and framed prints.

Repainting an old piece of furniture in chalk paint before adding a coat of wax or varnish can truly give its new lease of life and turn it into a statement piece. This relatively easy upcycling task is also one way to be eco-friendly when decorating your home. If you are redecorating on a budget, keep an eye out for bargains that might be interesting to repaint or remodel at charity shops and flea markets. This is one way to ensure your furniture is completely unique and will add character to a room.

When it comes to starting any DIY projects or a spring clean, it is best to start with small, manageable tasks you can complete in a day or a weekend, so you don’t run out of energy halfway through. Once the job is complete it’s time to put your feet up, have a cuppa, and enjoy the fruits of your DIY labour.