Using technology to help you pack lighter

20th September 2016

When you’re travelling, it is always good to aim to pack light. Not only will your shoulders and back thank you for having to carry less, but packing lighter when flying means you are actually reducing your carbon footprint, since the plane will require less fuel. Your mobile device, be it a phone or tablet can be incredibly useful in helping you pack lighter –you just need to make a couple of substitutions.

1. Entertainment

Many people travel with unnecessary entertainment consoles, like a PSP or Gameboy. Others spend lots of money on books and magazines at airport stores. Buying e-books for your tablet is a great alternative to paper bound books –and it will be significantly less heavy too. Not only are e-books usually cheaper, but you can buy as many as you want, and your tablet will not get any heavier! When it comes to games, you should play online slot machines at Royal Vegas. Many of their slot machine games are compatible with mobile devices (signified by the little mobile phone icon). It is super easy to download their mobile casino software; and once you have, you will over tons of fun themed video slot games at the touch of your fingertips! When you create an account, you will also be gifted with a new player welcome bonus, valued at a whopping $1200. This really helps you start of your gaming on the right foot, and helps increase your chances of winning big! And what a great surprise it will be if you win a substantial amount of cash right before you board your flight? I could not think of a better way to begin my travels!

2. Travel guides and maps

Instead of purchasing a travel guide for each country you visit; get PDF versions of the guide online and keep them on your tablet or phone. Also, the search function available on PDFs will make finding certain pages a breeze! The same goes for maps; why on g-d’s green earth are you still buying paper maps!? It’s time to join the new ages, and consider being eco-friendly too! Google maps are not only free, but also a better option for the environment. Scared you’re not always going to be in a WiFi zone? Don’t sweat; use their offline maps version, and you’re good to go!

3. Travel Journal

If you are lugging around a bulking travel journal, consider switching to writing on your tablet instead. Or you may even want to consider starting your own travel blog so that your friends and family can be kept updated on all of your adventures! Using less paper is a great way to go green –and while you are at it, don’t print your boarding pass either if you are doing an online self-check-in. Most good airlines will give you the option to download a virtual boarding pass instead. Get into the habit of printing less and generally not using paper, wherever and whenever you possibly can.

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