Vegan Restaurant Bangkok: where to eat now

9th November 2019

Vegan and vegetarian food near me in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok is possibly the city I commuted through the most during my time in Asia. I love Bangkok. And I love how vegan Bangkok is – just search for the little red on yellow “jay” flag at the entrance of cafeteria-style Buddhist eateries. These are convenient and cheap and sometimes delicious, but their emphasis isn’t on health and great ingredients – most of the time you’ll find MSG-laden overcooked slop. What really started exciting me, as well as all the fantastic rooftop bars in Bangkok, is the sheer quantity of hip, health-minded and vegan friendly or even vegan-only eateries that offer a slightly more upscale dining experience and deliver an extensive and exciting range of cuisine putting forth quality organic ingredients and innovative cooking styles.

Learning the vegan Bangkok slang

The Thai word for vegetarian in Bangkok transliterates to Mangsawirat. This will include egg and possibly dairy, but is sometimes more understood than the other more simple “Jay”. Worth noting that the Thai diet has very little cheese in it, so with Mangsawirat in your vocabulary toolbox, you are likely only an egg away from fully vegan food.

Bear in mind, Thais love to sneak shrimp paste and fish sauce in absolutely everything, so sometimes I go to street stalls where there’s vegetarian food near me and I can you see them cook and can gesture “NO WAY DUDE” when they’re about to tip fish sauce into your Phad Thai.

The word “Jay” is vegan, it is the diet Monks have. I have had a hard time being understood saying this seemingly more simple word, but you may have more luck than me 😉

For now, here is the favorite vegan and vegetarian food in Bangkok and the best vegetarian restaurants Bangkok has to offer. For what to see and do, here’s a great post full of Bangkok Travel Guides!

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Best vegan food near me? Vegan in Bangkok?


Seven spoons restaurant Bangkok, vegan and vegetarian friendly

Seven spoons restaurant Bangkok, vegan and vegetarian friendly

A beautiful welcoming oddity on this quiet soi in a working-class neighborhood, this wonderfully designed modern yet cozy gastrobar is located not so far from the Khao San Road, yet it feels miles away from it by the finesse of its décor and menu. A really fine vegan food Bangkok option! Whipping up an exciting and inspired cuisine that features local and organic ingredients wherever possible (they source a lot of their veggies from The Royal Project), Seven Spoons also has an impressive selection of vegetarian options, many of which are also vegan. I was served a dainty lentil, beetroot and avocado salad, a wonderfully hearty and warming bean and tempeh chili topped with kampot peppercorns and a pressed quinoa salad with mango, avocado and impossibly delicious and crispy mushroom fritti on top. Everything here is special, intricately crafted and presented, down to the house lemonade that was spiked with a little god knows what (was it yuzu? Or Angostura bitters?) that made it so complex and delicious – yes, I am talking about a simple lemonade here. They have a great cocktail menu also which I have not tried, but the retro bar seems like the perfect place to chill and sample their exciting creations. The service is also friendly and attentive. A true gem, this place. Such an exciting vegetarian restaurant Bangkok option!
OPEN: 11am-3pm (closed Sunday) 6pm-12pm (except Monday)
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Salada organic kitchen, Bangkok Thailand

Salada organic kitchen, Bangkok Thailand

A great location for lovers of beautiful markets and fresh food and produce, Bon Marche Market in which Salada Organic Kitchen is located is a great visit on its own for some fine Bangkok vegetarian fares. There is a beautiful lake right behind the market with a seating area around which Salada is located. The emphasis at this airy restaurant is put on organically grown ingredients, which are sourced from Green Smile Organic. The menu showcases Thai specialties, out of which several are vegan. The well-spoken gorgeous owner understands veganism very well and recommended me salad hek ruam (mixed mushroom salad), vegetable fried rice (khao pak), mushroom laab cakes and nam prik hed (mushroom chili dip), all washed down with an Indian gooseberry juice. As you can see from the pictures, the vegetables are absolutely gorgeous and fresh and the real star of all these dishes. Everything I tasted was an absolute delight of freshness. The laab cakes were tremendous little bite size explosions of flavors and textures. The nam prik hed came second as my favorite, all at once tart, spicy, sweet and salty, the very definition of Thai cuisine. One of the vegetables it is served with is the rind of raw marah, a very bitter yet fragrant little wrinkly cucumber-looking thing that enhances the dip even further. Dishes such as a simple salad or stir fried vegetables with rice are enhanced by subtle seasoning and a lot of garlic, making them also delicious. It’s so refreshing to meet a restaurant owner that is passionate about organic produce and quality ingredients. Experience organic thai cuisine Bangkok at this lovely restaurant.

OPEN: 10am – 9pm
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suananda kitchen ayurvedic resturant bangkok, thailand

suananda kitchen ayurvedic resturant bangkok, thailand

Suananda is an Ayurvedic wellness center with one of the loveliest vegan restaurants Bangkok café, a yoga and meditation hall hosting various classes and workshops, a small shop and an Ayurvedic consultation center offering medical treatments, therapies and massage such as shirodhara (pouring of oil on the forehead). The food at this Indian veg restaurant in Bangkok is wholesome and prepared with care and anything can be made vegan. Unlike the Indian food I am used to where things generally swim in a pool of oil, everything at Suananda is fresh, light and healthy. Everything is prepared with organic ingredients and will leave you feeling light and energized thanks to the cooking that is based on Ayurvedic principles, using the right combination of food and spices to aid digestion. You can pick from one of the daily grains on offer (quinoa, rye, barley, cracked wheat, cracked oat or amaranth) which can be substituted to the organic rice. The poha (flattened rice) with nuts and vegetables was a little like fried rice, except it was light, fluffy and not greasy at all – the texture of the flattened rice grains reminded me a little of fresh coconut and the flavors were spot on – I love cumin. The morning glory fritters were surprisingly really light and a very inventive – and especially tasty – use of my beloved morning glory. The accompanying dipping sauces were great – the minty one packs a punch! The sprouted finger millet crepe stuffed with spinach (ask for no cheese) was a great variation on the traditional South Indian dosa; I found the mouthfeel actually nicer than a traditional dosa: fluffy and chewy, a little like an actual crepe. I’m assuming the taste is better with the cheese, but I really enjoyed this nonetheless. Same goes for the beetroot paranthas: it’s a simple, fresh and well-executed dish that is not oily at all. The beetroot is still very crunchy, the texture is spot on and the accompanying minty sauce is lovely. The prices at Suananda are very reasonable. Make sure you sit out back in the lovely garden. A really nice take on Indian Bangkok vegetarian food.

OPEN: 10:30 to 8pm, closed on Sunday
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4. REFLECT vegan restaurant bangkok AT BANGKOK TREE HOUSE

Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree House

This eco-resort is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River in what is dubbed “The Green Lungs of Bangkok”. The cute restaurant is built in harmony with nature out of bamboo on a raised platform affording beautiful views of the nearby jungle. This is some of the fanciest vegetarian food Bangkok has to offer. A visit to this area alone is totally worth the detour (go to Bang Na BTS, catch a taxi to Bang Na Wat (1.5km) and the small green ferry across the river (4 baht)). From there, you can walk around the raised concrete paths or rent a bicycle. The Bangkok Tree House is 200 meters from the ferry dock. Reflect has a separate vegetarian menu showcasing local organic ingredients and several vegan options such as a spicy summer watermelon salad, tofu laab cakes on lemongrass sticks and mango sticky rice, all presented delightfully. The menu follows the seasons with daily changes as fresh produce becomes available from local fruit orchards and artisan dessert makers. You can read my full review of The Bangkok Tree House here.
OPEN: 8am – 6pm (8pm on weekends)
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may veggie vegan restaurant, bangkok, thailand

may veggie vegan restaurant, bangkok, thailand

Fully vegan restaurant Bangkok conveniently located along the busy Ratchadaphisek Road, close to the intersection with Sukhumvit, minutes from the Asok BTS and Sukhumvit MRT stations (if coming from the MRT, take the raised footpath accessible from the BTS station and go to exit 4 next to Urban Retreat Spa). Friendly and fast service, pretty interior and funny covers of popular songs playing in the background – the ambiance is a little cheesy and I absolutely love it. I have been here many many many times and it has become one of my staples in Bangkok. Some of the dishes I sampled and enjoyed were khao soi (a northern Thailand curry noodle soup specialty) (excellent and quite difficult to find vegan in Bangkok, so jump on it), mieng bai cha (a zingy tea leave salad with crunchy beans and herbs in a gingery Singapore dressing – the cutest presentation of all time, great for sharing), stir-fried salted fish, stuffed avocado, tofu larb (a spicy and soupy minced tofu with pounded rice and Thai herbs, a classic you shouldn’t leave Thailand without tasting!), grilled vegetarian bacon-wrapped mushrooms and all of the burgers. On top of that, they have an excellent selection of vegan ice cream that is simply to die for – the durian and the Thai tea ones are my favorite. My favorite out of the vegan and vegetarian restaurant Sukhumvit options.

OPEN: daily, 11am – 10pm
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govinda vegan and vegetarian italian restaurant in bangkok, thailand

govinda vegan and vegetarian italian restaurant in bangkok, thailand

What a wonderful surprise, this lacto-vegetarian Bangkok Italian restaurant in the heart of Sukhumvit. The food at Govinda is pure traditional Italian goodness (as far as vegan and traditional go together in the same sentence in regards to Italian dining). It’s like everything I was ever searching for in Italy but never found. Not my usual vegan food in Bangkok wish, but super nice for a change. There is no egg in anything and all the cheese is rennet-free. The vegan cheese is coconut-based and I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it in the Caprese salad and lasagna, which was a creamy plate of gooey goodness – the vegan cheese melts very well. The star of the show for me was the Quattro stagioni pizza. A Bangkok vegan restaurant serving pizza! Omg! It’s been so long. This one brings me right back to a piazza in Rome with its thick crispy crust and creamy toppings of soy sausage, artichoke, mushroom and truffle. It was delicious and so comforting. The service at Govinda is also great, I had a lovely chat with the chef and owner Marta and told her all about aquafaba, so, who knows, maybe there will be more vegan dessert options in a near future! For now there is an orange cake that I was unfortunately too full to try. Next time. Some dishes (tortellini) require a one-day preorder warning in order to be made vegan.
OPEN: 11:30am – 2:30pm and 6pm-10:30pm (Closed on Tuesday)
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Glow at MEtropolitan by Como, Bangkok, Thailand

Glow at MEtropolitan by Como, Bangkok, Thailand

This was my first time visiting any of the Metropolitan by Como and I was seduced by the elegant design and emphasis on health and wellness (there is a yoga mat in every room, I’m sold!). Glow strives to be one of the best vegan restaurants Bangkok has on offer with their light meals, energizing juices and blends rich in living enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Not everything on the menu is vegan, but there are several vegan and raw vegan options to choose from. I was presented with the green goddess soup with seaweed, the jicama, avocado and vegetable sushi rolls, the kale and marinated mushroom salad, the tomato, turmeric and pumpkin curry with quinoa and the mango-macadamia nut cheesecake with papaya sorbet. It was everything you’d hope for in such a distinguished establishment: elegant, exciting, refined, delicious and healthy. The service is fast and friendly and the restaurant itself is relaxed and exudes health, with wheatgrass growing on a lot of the surfaces. An oasis of health and wellbeing.
OPEN: 6:30AM – 8:30PM
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sustaina restaurant, bangkok, thailand

sustaina restaurant, bangkok, thailand

A truly inspiring vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, Sustaina is a Japanese vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant affiliated with Harmony Life Organic Farm that uses nothing but “viable and organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and fresh seafood”. Sustaina’s aim is to protect health and nature by using only safe, chemical-free materials. The vegetarian options are aplenty, and I was told that 95% of them are in fact also vegan. The “King of tofu” is a surprising cold soup of fresh yuba skin, kinu-tofu and goma-tufu – a party of silky and melt-in-the-mouth textures in a delicate creamy broth enhanced by ginger and seaweed and served beautifully on a bed of ice. The Fresh Organic Vegetable Sashimi is a gorgeous plate of raw and lightly steamed organic vegetables served with miso, tamarind sauce and a slice of lime that’s as fresh and crunchy as it is beautiful. Everything at Sustaina feels and tastes superior in the quality, freshness and presentation, down to the simple potato croquette set meal with its intricately crafted sweet and salty sauce, delicate batter, al dente veggies and homemade pickles. I also had my first taste of natto, the infamously stinky and slimy fermented soybean paste and I actually loved it. But coming from someone who loves durian, what more did you expect? The ground floor is a small organic supermarket selling organic produces from the farm, pastries, sundries and cosmetics, all of them natural and organic. This one’s right up my street if a tad overpriced. Two minutes from the Phrom Phong BTS station. One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok.

OPEN: 10.30am Last Order: 20.30 pm Close 21.00 pm.
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ethos vegetarian and vegan restaurant, khao san road, bangkok

A reason alone to visit the – in my opinion – rather dreadful Khao San Road, Ethos serves vegetarian and vegan food “made with love, competence, and ethics”. It’s a really large menu (everything written in green is vegan) of Western breakfasts (gigantic gluten-free vegan pancakes, OMG!) and Thai, Indian, eastern and western mains. The rice they use is organic. Some fusion dishes are well worth a try such as the homey spaghetti with meatballs (a fusion of Indian kofta balls made of chickpeas and veggies in a rich Italian tomato gravy and the Thai green curry spaghetti, a mix made in heaven). The falafels with hummus and the salad with peanut sauce and tempeh are also great and the apple crumble with coconut cream custard is what a vegan’s dreams are made of. Nice ambiance with pillows on the floor, dimmed lighting and world music. They also do takeaway. Great masala chai kombucha. Huge portions. A great Bangkok vegetarian restaurant if you’re in that area.

OPEN: 7:30 am to Midnight
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broccoli revolution vegan restaurant, bangkok, thailand

A fully vegan eatery that’s cropped up since I was last in Bangkok by Thong Lo BTS station set in a beautiful corner building all made up in bricks and wood and industrial light fixtures and massive ferns dangling from the high ceiling – a cool place that seems to attract an equally cool urban crowd of young affluent Thais and expats. The short menu offers international dishes such as mezze and guacamole, western fares such as burgers and some Thai and Vietnamese specialties, as well as a large and largely overpriced healthy juice selection. Some dishes appeared a little small for the price also. The sweets come from Veganerie. The small outdoor balcony looks lovely, but it is super noisy due to the traffic, so stick to the indoors spaces. Definitely a great forward-thinking initiative for vegan restaurants in Bangkok and one of the more hipster veg restaurants in Bangkok right now.

OPEN: 7am – 11pm
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bonita cafe and social club vegan restaurant bangkok

bonita cafe and social club vegan restaurant bangkok

Cute and cozy little vegan cafe Bangkok option serving international fully vegan fares including a couple of badass breakfasts that make everything better such as the full English breakfast set, Bonita club sandwich, hot dog plate and pancakes. A real homey place where everything still has a healthy twist despite the American diner feel. The owners are also long distance runners and everyone in house wears Vibrams. Fun! A short walk from Sala Daeng BTS / Silom MRT.
OPEN: WED-MON, 11:30am-3:30pm, 6:00pm-9:30pm
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Mostly raw vegan café located inside the Life Center at Lumpini MRT station. The raw phad Thai and mushroom salad were delicious, and there is a great selection of juices and smoothies starting at a whopping 199 baht! Definitely on the high end price scale, but well worth a detour if you love super healthy and clean raw vegan eateries. Great friendly service.
OPEN: 7am – 6pm
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vegan bangkok

Italian / Thai couple whips up an amazing selection of nut-based vegan cheese in this fun Sukhumvit location. You can have the cheese either on their own with some crackers or into one of their dishes. Sandwiches, salads, bruschetta, rice’n shrooms and lasagna were the current selection when I visited. There’s also home-brewed kombucha, pickles and sauerkraut. Any fermentation geeks such as these too is worth paying a visit in my book. Did I say the cheese was amazing? The cheese is amazing. It’s amazing. Cheese up your vegan breakfast Bangkok!

OPEN: Mon-Sun 10:30am-11:00pm
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Veganerie vegan bakery, Bangkok, Thailand

Veganerie vegan bakery, Bangkok, Thailand

I’m not sure what words I should use to describe Veganerie from a sugar overdose. It’s the ultimate instagrammable vegan foodporn place and so be prepared to be surrounded by waffles and selfie sticks. Some things are fantastic like the chocolate waffles, apple crumbles and ready-made cakes and brownies, while some other things for me were a little bit too over the top sweet like the caramel crunch frappe. A vegan cake and sweet tooth paradise, that is for sure, and one you should absolutely have on your list. Beware that such awesomeness comes with a price tag, however. Don’t leave without getting some cake to go for the next morning. Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.
OPEN: 10:00am-9:00pm
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All you can eat fruit buffet at Baiyoke Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

If you are a fruit lover like me, this one is pricey but still fun and different thing tourist activity. Located in the Baiyoke Sky Hotel – the tallest building in Thailand – the 18th-floor fruit buffet is fun and quirky and a great way to sample the cornucopia of exotic Thai fruit on offer. It’s kinda pricey and you have a time limit after you pay, so do stuff your face in as much fresh fruit as you like, including durian, mangosteen, mangoes, dragon fruit, longan, papaya, rambutans, coconut, pineapple, watermelon, tamarind, guava, etc. There is also a selection of candied fruit, pickled fruit, fruit in jelly, fruit in syrup, fruit juice, mango sticky rice, ice cream, sorbet and even a chocolate fountain. I just stuck with the fresh raw fruit and ate a whole lot of it. I read that the price you pay lets use access the 77nd floor observation deck for free, but it didn’t seem that way when I was there.
OPEN: 10:30am-8:30pm
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38 thoughts on “Vegan Restaurant Bangkok: where to eat now

  1. James

    How is Sustania Restaurant on this list ??
    this is supposed to be a Vegan list. but it is a Meat-fish-chicken restaurant.
    there is some vegetarian dishes, but it is Definitely NOT a vegetarian or Vegan Restaurant.
    it is a Normal Restaurant iwth some vegetarian Options.

  2. James

    Seven Spoons is not at all Vegan.
    its a meat eating and fish restaurant.

    your article is titled: “15 VEGAN RESTAURANTS TO TRY IN BANGKOK”.
    i was disappointed to read than lots of them are justt vegetarian-friendly.. (and not actually vegetarian).
    you really should CHANGE your article title if you want to be a bit more honest.


      1. Erica

        Love your posts! They have helped direct my travels through Thailand for some quality vegan/veg food! That dude sounds ⬆️ like a real pain in the behind ??… Thanks for all your insights and time you put into your blog Amelie!

  3. Karyn Jane

    This is such a helpful post Amelie! I am headed back to Bangkok in a few months and to be honest, apart from Veganerie I was feeling a little overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start with restaurants. This post is going to help me a lot, thanks!

    1. Amélie Post author

      Oh yes, I’ve tried them before, thanks! I just didn’t have any photo to add to the guide, so I decided to skip them. Bad move haha! 🙂

  4. ayu

    These all seem like quite fancy places my student budget couldn’t afford every day.
    My suggestion is Tien Sin vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok and her sister also has one in Phimai! Phimai one has a selection of 5 dishes every day – they’re all vegan and totally delicious! A huge portion of whatever you choose (mix and match) is only 30 baht. My favorite place to eat ever, not just in Thailand. They also serve brown rice as opposed to white – healthy!

  5. Utsav

    Thanks so much for this awesome post. I recently turned vegetarian and wasn’t sure how I’ll manage eating everything in Bangkok. Ended up going to May vegan. So conveniently located.


  6. Rikhi

    Great article! I’m a big fan of May Veggie and Govinda. I’ve also been to The Great Kabab Factory in sukhumvit soi 2 and they’re vegan and jain friendly. Delicious Indian food and all you can eat!

  7. Clare

    This has been a huge encouragement to me as I was worried moving back to bangkok as a vegan! Thanks to the other commenters as well – now I’ve got loads of new places to try! Plus it’s nice to know there’s a vegan community in bkk ☺️

  8. Chanya S.

    Well, I am not an entirely vegetarian, I eat vegan food just only on Friday and Buddhist Holy Day because of some reasons. I live in Bangkok since I was born and I see a lot of many vegan restaurant around my city. All of these restaurant that you showed us are look nice and fancy and Veganerie is the only restaurant that I have tried from your list. However, your post is very useful for me and other vegetarians as well. Thanks! : )

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  11. Travis

    Some ace ones here! Thanks. Missing my top 2. Khun Churn in ground floor of a mediplex building off Ekkamai station is wicked. Like seriously good. And Anotai… wow that place is so great. The nori wrapped tofu with wasabi mayo is killer.

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  15. Happyluke

    My all time favorite is May Veggie Home and I think everyone will agree on me when I say that they’re one of the best vegan restaurants here in BKK. Everything tastes really good and well presented. I strongly recommend this to all the vegan who haven’t been tried this place. With a massive choice and great selection, it’s a go to place to all the vegans here in Bangkok.

  16. Tammi

    Next time you’re here please come and try us out at Nourish Cafe Bangkok, close to On Nut BTS. We opened in April 2018 and have an unusual fun location above Bangkok Fight Lab where you can watch people training Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu while you eat! We are 100% vegan, have food to suit all tastes and budgets and try to focus on healthy eating but with plenty of taste and diversity. Happy vegan travels everyone!

    1. Taylor

      Wow that sounds great. I’m currently in Bangkok travelling with my kids and will look up your place. My son loves Muay Thai. So many great suggestions. I will see how many I can manage in a week.

  17. source

    Excellent blog you have here.. It’s difficult to find high quality writing like
    yours these days. I truly appreciate people like you!
    Take care!!

  18. Sara R Booth

    I’ve been in Govinda many years ago,when the owner was Gianni and his Thai wife.At that time I wasn’t vegetarian or vegan even though I enjoyed their food,it was exquisite. They then change the location.I will visit Thai land very soon and I would like to visit Govinda and some of the others like the Fruit buffet… that sounds fun…

    1. Amélie Post author

      I was back in Bangkok last Winter and failed to go back to Govinda, I just might have to do the detour this Winter, haha! Their pizza is incredible!

  19. AndiX

    The fruit buffet (conveniently) raised its price right after this article was published. It’s no longer 350baht, it’s now 490…! ?
    (that’s not a small increase…)

    Also! They are not open at 9. They open 10:30am-8:30pm..

    AND! There’s a 2 hour limit on your time here ?.
    Aka: go to a cheap morning market and buy yourself 500B of fruit and enjoy for as long as you’d like!

  20. Aditii

    Its looks so delicious food a Bangkok. They are nice article. Wow. Veg restaurant in Bangkok. This one is best. Thanks for sharing your information.


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