Best Vegan Burger Berlin Guide

Looking for the best vegan burger in Berlin?

I’m vegan burger-obsessed as much as I’m a health nut. If there’s a burger on the menu, it’ll trump any organic cardboardy bird food I’d usually go for. And to say Berlin has its vegan burger game down pat is quite the understatement. Every burger joints has a vegan option. Scratch that. Every restaurant has a burger option has a vegan burger option. Berlin has more burger spots than native Berliners and my ambition to document every single vegan burger option in the city was quickly shut down by the pace at which places open and close. So, as the Berlin vegan burger scene ebbs and flows like a goddamn annoying breathing thing, this guide is getting updated with my latest discoveries and classics not to be missed.

veggie burger berlin

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Best Vegan Burger Berlin: The Guide


Ryong Berlin

I’ll be honest here, Ryong is sort of my favourite spot for a Tinder date. Amazing food that’s just the right amount of sophisticated and sloppy, great sexy decor, affordable prices, Ryong really has all the right ingredients for the night to progress from Korean burgers and Tiger beer to other, ahem, ventures. Back to the burgers though, these are some of the best I’ve had in some time. Deep-fried tempura Bao buns, juicy peanut sauce, edamame. YES.

Torstraße 59, 10119 Berlin
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Vincent Vegan

vegan restaurant berlin - vincent vegan

I wish Vincent Vegan had chosen a better location to finally set sail in Berlin, but I understand that they are trying to reach the mass, and I guess a brand new shiny mall is the place to do that. The fact remains that the brand new East Side Mall is an eyesore like I’ve rarely seen one, and the only ever reason I will step food inside is to grab me one of the amazing Beyond Burger from Vicent Vegan. I’m sure everything else is also good, but that’s all I’ll ever eat from there, despite the hefty price, and despite the shitty location. That burger trumps everything else possible. Grab two or three, just in case and cross over to the East Side Gallery to eat them. Dare I say, the best veggie burger Berlin has to offer currently.

Tamara-Danz-Straße 11, 10243 Berlin
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Lia’s Kitchen

Lia's Kitchen

Now a bit of an establishment in the Berlin vegan burger scene, Lia’s Kitchen has a cozy intimate vibe with great service and the burgers are simple yet bursting with flavorful ingredients. Try the Chicken Cheeseburger (pictured) with their homemade vegan feta cheese. They also have chilli aioli for the fries that’s real yummy. Unpretentious and delicious food, all of it vegan. Yay!

Kollwitzstraße 47, 10405 Berlin
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tofu tussi vegan burger berlin

The Markthalle Neun transforms itself into a street food party every Thursday evening and I absolutely adore that place. In a corner hides TofuTussis, whipping some great vegan burgers Berlin style. They’re simple, but everything is super fresh (they make their own tofu!), the ambience is cool, and the buns are black! Grab a glass of wine and soak in the great food and atmosphere.

Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997 Berlin
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L'Herbivore best Vegan and best Vegetarian Burger Berlin

L’Herbivore is a super unique concept because it is, in fact, an all-vegan butcher shop with a bistro serving its products attached to it. All their patties are made of seitan and they have a broad selection of toppings for their super affordable burgers that can all be had as a standalone, in a “cheesy” or “crispy smokey” version, or as a full plate accompanied with a salad. The Preisel-Burger with jam was my absolute favourite, an exciting mix of sweet and salty with a meaty patty. Make sure you grab something from the butcher shop to take home!

Petersburger Str. 38, 10249 Berlin
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Yoyo Foodworld

yoyo foodworld berlin

All vegan, real unpretentious, casual, cool and super affordable joint in the heart of Boxi in Friedrichshain. Good staff, good crowd, good music, huge portions, and an amazing chili cheeseburger. You really can’t go wrong here, it’s vegan budget comfort food at its best. Order at the bar (beware, I am not kidding when I say the portions are huge) and wait for your number to be yelled back at’cha. It’s a bit rough around the edge, but that’s why I love it!

Gärtnerstraße 27, 10245 Berlin
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Café Bärbucha

cafe baerbucha berlin

Located in the lovely neighbourhood of Schöneberg, Café Bärbucha specializes in kombucha and all things fermentation. As well as offering an amazing selection of kombucha and lacto-fermented vegetables, the short menu oftentimes features a fantastic burger served with aged pickles and all the organic trimmings. The owners are also super lovely and always up for a chat. Definitely worth the detour!

Eisenacher Str. 73, 10823 Berlin
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Vegan in Berlin? Am I missing something? Let me know if I should add something to this vegan and vegetarian burger Berlin guide!

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