Vegan Diet Tips for Busy Student Nurses

30th March 2017

Although there’s much more available for vegans today on the shelves at the grocery store, sticking to a vegan diet can be a pain when you’re on a tight schedule, such as that of a student nurse. People choose to go vegan for a whole host of different reasons – whether you’re standing up for animal rights, or simply want to stick to healthier, more wholesome foods. Whatever your reasons, there’s no doubt that going vegan can have a huge amount of positive benefits for you. I’ve listed some top tips to help you go vegan when you have little time to cook.

Use Popular Alternatives

When it comes to things such as milk, cheese, and butter, there’s no need to go without when you go vegan. Coconut or almond milk is completely free of animal products and olive or avocado spread can make an excellent alternative to butter. If you’re a cheese lover, you’ll be glad to hear that you can find a range of vegan cheeses, which taste just like the real thing! Stocking your cupboards up with these vegan staples will help make sure that you get enough to eat, even if you’re in a rush.

Batch Cook

Batch cooking isn’t just a great way to make your vegan lifestyle easier; it can also help you to save money whilst you study for your nurse practitioner doctorate degree. Spending a couple of hours on the weekend to batch cook healthy vegan meals that you can take in a packed lunch throughout the week is a great way to make things more convenient for yourself.

Healthy Snacks

Online doctoral nursing programs from Bradley University require a lot of hard work and commitment, so many students find themselves working through lunch time or only being able to grab a quick bite to eat when taking a short break. So, carrying healthy, vegan snacks such as grapes and apples or carrot and celery sticks with a hummus dip will help to keep your appetite satisfied throughout the day. One of the best things about vegan snacks is that they’re usually great for giving you an energy boost!

Stay Hydrated

Of course, water is vegan – so when you’re following this lifestyle, it’s great to drink a lot of it. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of pure water throughout the day will help to keep you fuller for longer, enabling you to curb your cravings for any non-vegan foods.


When you first begin to follow a new vegan lifestyle, you might need to step out of your comfort zone a little. But, there’s no need to worry – this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new foods that you may have never tried before. Trying new foods, creating new recipes, and experimenting with different ingredients to create your own tasty vegan dishes is a good way to discover what you like and what you don’t, which will make it easier to plan your menu each week.

Are you a vegan student? I

I’d love it if you shared your top tips in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “Vegan Diet Tips for Busy Student Nurses

  1. Robin rue

    Funny because my sister in law just graduated nursing school and she is a vegan. She would have appreciated this when she was still in school 🙂

  2. Maureen

    Although I am not a vegan (my diet tends to lean more towards pescetarian) these are all great tips for busy people to maintain a healthy eating pattern.

  3. Love You Wedding

    We have not gone the vegan route yet, but I am glad I have read through this post. My cousin is a vegan and it is sometimes difficult for her to find the food she needs to prepare her meals. I think batch cooking will work for her.

  4. Tina Butler

    I wish I could go vegan but my family would think I was crazy. I wish they would eat more veggies and stuff like I do, but they are so hard to change. At least I can follow a few guidelines for breakfast and lunch. That photo is so pretty and inviting.

  5. Teresa

    I am not a vegan student, but I really could be. I don’t use dairy due to intolerance issues and health issues with myself and my kiddos and have used oil alternatives for years. We are ot huge meat eaters and really I could easily cut it out except for my super picky eater son.

  6. Chrishelle Ebner

    My daughter has been eating vegan for about 6 months now. I am considering changing my diet to vegan for health reasons. I know it will definitely take some preparations to stay on track.

  7. Nancy L.

    GREAT tips! I follow a vegan diet for the most part. I do eat birds though…lol I’ve found that cooking with riced cauliflower has helped me when I’m craving carbs, but carbs are my downfall.
    After reading this, I do have to get some hummus. I always forget to buy it!

  8. Amanda Love

    I am not vegan but I can live off of fruits and veggies because I love having them! It’s good to have a meal plan when you’re busy. Planning your meals for the week will definitely help you stick to a diet better.


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