Vegan Munich: Where to Eat

1st February 2019

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Wondering what vegan Munich has in store for ya?

There’s so much more to Munich than Oktoberfest. Sure, the Bavarian capital can be the scene of lederhosen-clad drunken Weisswürste fest. But open your eyes wide and you’ll discover an amazing health and vegan scene, gorgeous boutique hotels, and — what the hell — river surfing right in the city center. There’s definitely more than meets the eye in Munich and I set up to explore what lies beneath the Schweinsbraten and just how many vegan restaurants Munich had for me. Wunderbar.

Co-Working at Lost Weekend

First thing first, I had a lot of work to do in Munich and my favourite place to do so was hands down Lost Weekend. A bookstore, vegan coffee shop, co-working space and cultural events venue, this is where all the cool cats in the city hang. Wi-Fi can be a bit flakey, but this is the sad reality of Germany at large, so this doesn’t take anything away from them. Come early to make sure you get a spot. Dogs welcome. Great coffee. Brrrap!

Yoga at Rebella Bex

You’ll find Rebella Bex in my vegan guide below, but if you want to get your yoga on, this is the place. Check out their calendar here. First class is €10, subsequent drop-ins are €15, or get a discounted ten-class pass if you’re staying a while.

Chilling at English Garden

English Garden Munich

Much like Berlin, people in Munich love to chill in parks. Take a hint from the Mensch, grab a picnic from a vegetarian restaurant Munich has laid out for you, a bottle of wine and a blankie. English Garden is a gigantic parc in the center of the city. It’s only called La Dolce Vita because das süße Leben sounds like crap. Don’t forget your surfboard!

Beer and Pretzels at Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt Munich

There’s something both touristy and fascinating about the famous Viktualienmarkt, the fresh market and beer garden in the center of the old town. Everything on display here is gorgeous and fresh (and I have never seen such large walnuts in my damn life). It’s the best place to grab quality ingredients to whip up your own vegan feast. Or, if you’re anything like me, chug a Pils or two while you gnaw on a pretzel (they’re vegan)! Prost!


There’s so much vegan food Munich has waiting for you, you’ll be shocked. Here are my top vegan restaurant Munich picks!

1. Gratitude

cafe gratitude vegan munich

A modern upscale eatery with decent prices and a beautiful interior, it’s best to make a reservation ahead at Gratitude. They are very popular, and with good reason. The short changing menu includes things such as chickpeas and hokkaido curry, paprika corn soup, ravioli with tempeh bolognese, and deconstructed falafel with hummus. The wine and beer selection is great. Artful and tasty.

Türkenstraße 55
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2. Max Pett

Max Pett Munich Vegan

To get your fix on all the German specialties you thought you’d never taste as a vegan, Max Pett is the #1 place to be. My top pick is definitely the schnitzel, which is gigantic and crispy and greasy and amazing. The Remouladensauce that comes with it is also yummy. Whatever you do, make sure you save some room for dessert. Whatever kind of seasonal sweet dumpling (Knödel) they have on is sure to be delicious too. Ah, man. Drool.

Pettenkoferstraße 8
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3. Siggi’s

Siggi's Munich Vegan

Wonderful vegan health café in the old town. Here, you will find things such as sandwiches, bowls (my pick!), soups, salads and a great raw vegan dessert selection. The lovely and gorgeous owner is engaged in the community and wonderful to have a chat with. She may even be there with her cute rescued dogs if you’re lucky. They recently got vegan pastries, which I’m devastated I didn’t get to try.

Westenriederstraße 37
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4. Rebella Bex

Rebella Bex Munich Vegan

A lovely mother/daughter team who dishes out vegan grubs to a health-minded crowd in a cosy café cum yoga studio. I loved the social aspect of it with long tables shared by all guests. The daily changing buddha bowl available in small or large is great. Other highlights include fresh juices, golden milk, green smoothies, organic coffee, wild herb salads, matcha balls, etc. Good options for on-the-go vegan breakfast Munich!

Sonnenstraße 2
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5. Emiko at Louis Hotel

emiko restaurant munich vegan

This vegan-friendly upscale modern Japanese restaurant in the heart of Munich was my most pleasant surprise in Munich. With a seven-course sample menu showcasing perfect craftsmanship and an amazing cocktail menu, Emiko was definitely the culinary highlight of my trip to Munich. I suggest you not only treat yourself to dinner here, but that you also stay at the amazing Louis Hotel in which it is located (more on that below). They also have an amazing vegan-friendly brunch at the weekend.

Viktualienmarkt 6
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6. Bodhi

bodhi vegan munich

Ahh, how I wish this was in Berlin! Bodhi a fantastic pub where you can get the real Bavarian tavern experience, except all vegan! Icy cold draft beer, greasy pub snacks, fab crowd and good music. Make sure you try the chili cheeze nuggets, onion rings, currywurst and buffalo wings. I’m hungry.

Ligsalzstraße 23
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7. Tushita Teehaus

tushita munich vegan

Tushita is a cozy tea-house with a Japanese-German aesthetic. Here, you’ll find hundreds of different kinds of tea and a daily changing organic, vegan, and a gluten-free menu comprising of buddha bowls with all sorts of veggies, as well as cakes. They also have a selection of tea-related accessories for sale.

Klenzestraße 53
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8. Byoo Organic Kitchen

Byoo Organic Kitchen munich

I found this restaurant by accident whilst perusing the magnificent health food store Basic Bio Markt (worth a visit only for that), so I can’t vouch for the quality of the food as I haven’t tried it. It does look great and it seems there are several vegan options. I think there are best vegetarian restaurants Munich options around, but still good on the go.

Westenriederstraße 35/1
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best hotel munich

The choice for accommodations is huge in Munich. Two options struck us as being remarkably vegan-friendly and totally amazeballs.

Louis Hotel

louis hotel munich

Perfectly located right across from the Viktualienmarkt, Louis Hotel has some of the most spacious and tastefully-decorated rooms I’ve had the pleasure to stay in. Striking the right balance of hip and elegance, our room was so comfortable and so soothingly quiet for such a central location. The bathroom is heavenly, the staff is super attentive and helpful and the restaurant is stunning. I can’t speak highly enough of Louis Hotel. My top pick in the city for sure!

Book your room at Louis Hotel now!


cortiina hotel munich

Louis’ hippest little sister, Cortiina, has super modern, colorful, and stylish rooms, a tub with an (optional) view (you naughty people) to a nice lounge area and a friggin pillow menu! Fresh flowers all over, accents of classy oak wood amidst rich colorful textiles, Ren cosmetics, and a plush bed to pass out onto after you’ve had a few too many glasses at the most excellent Grape wine bar (that’s incidentally very vegan-friendly).

Book your room at Cortiina Hotel now!

Heartfelt thanks to Louis Hotel and Cortiina Hotel. All opinions are my own, obvs.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Munich: Where to Eat

  1. Sanskar

    I am travelling to Munich next week, I am a vegetarian myself turning into a Vegan. Out of all the options, Max Pett caught my attention, since you mentioned it is vegan but also authentic German. I am a food blogger as well and will love to try this place

    1. Amélie Post author

      Yeah Max Pett is one of the best options in Munich, very traditional, and great owner. Say you came from me if you can! 🙂

  2. Hannah

    As a local vegan from Munich, I habe to make two remarks (hopefully not too late):
    1) in Bavaria, Munich is the capital of this state, you typically do not drink Pils, but Helles. In the rest of Germany Pils is standard, but not in Bavaria. If you order Pils in Munich in a restaurant they may not have it or if they have it will most likely not Bavarian beer. So if you want to try out Bavarian beer (the one you get on the Oktoberfest f.e.) order Helles.
    2) Pretzel( or Brez’n in Munich Dialect) does not have to be vegan or even vegetarian. They are traditionally made with Pig Fat. Nowadays, for some Pretzel Pig Fat is still used, for many others Milk or Butter (f.e. Wimmer, Rischart) is being used and only some Pretzel are vegan ( look at the list of the following german page …all of this backery listed have vegan pretzels :


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