Vegan Jerusalem: my top 10 spots

2nd April 2017

vegan jerusalem

I visited Jerusalem very briefly a few months ago with the lovely bunch from iTravelJerusalem as they were getting ready for TBEX, but I had just enough time to explore the amazing vegan food of the city in my time there. If you imagine a vegan visit to Israel as being a hummus-soaked escapade, you’d be imagining correctly! In what’s said to have the most vegans per capita in the world (I was surprised to read that!), being vegan in Israel is falafelly easy and utterly enjoyable. So without further ado, here are the ten best spots I found for a vegan grub in Jeruz. Yayay, Vegan Jerusalem!

1. Village Green

village green vegan restaurant jerusalem

The Village Green has been running since 1992, and apart from a very few dishes with milk in them, everything here is vegan. It’s all homemade from scratch by the lovely owner, and is completely fresh and natural. The service is incredibly helpful and friendly.

As might be expected, the menu had lots of hummus dishes, as well as home baked bread and daily specials. They serve the best vegan shakshuka in the city which comes with homemade vegan sausage, and have amazing cakes, takeaway pickles, and vegan cheese.

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2. Modern Restaurant at the Israeli Museum

modern restaurant israeli museum

Generally a meat heavy restaurant, Modern Restaurant also has plenty of vegan options and is the perfect place to stop for lunch or finish up a visit to the museum with. The food is extremely fresh, and is mediterranean and tapas inspired. The atmosphere is, well, modern but relaxed, and the staff is extremely friendly. If you see something on the menu you like the look of and want veganizing, they’ll be happy to help.

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3. Hamarakia

Hamarakia restaurant vegan jerusalem

Hamarakia, which means ‘the Soupery’, not surprisingly has a large selection of delicious and filling soups, most of which are vegan. The hummus was a little disappointing, but the soups and the large amount of bread served alongside them are worth visiting for.

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4. Hummus Lina

hummus lina - vegan jerusalem

Hummus Lina have now been making the same hummus for the past thirty-five years, so they should be good at it by now – and thankfully they are. The flavour is quite mild, but it’s delicious and is widely regarded as one of the best hummus joints in the city.

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5. The Vegetarian Shawarma

Who can resist a vegetarian Shawarma? Me, unfortunately. Because of my short visit and conflicting opening times, I didn’t make it here. I’ve heard good things, though, so if you’ve visited let me know what you thought.

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6. Abu Shukri

Abu Shukri vegan jerusalem

Abu Shukri serves freshly in-house-made falafel, baba ghanoush, tahini, and hummus, with plenty of vegan options. Located in the Muslim quarter of the Old City, at station V on the Via Dolorosa. If you eat anywhere in the market, make sure you ask for the price before ordering, or risk paying a fair bit more than you should.

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7. Tmol Shilshom

Tmol Shilshom vegan jerusalem

Tmol Shilshom vegan jerusalem

One of my faves for vegan breakfast in Jerusalem, Tmol Shilshom is a beautifully decorated literary cafe. They have plenty of vegan options – just check they don’t have dairy – including an amazing shakshuka and a dessert thingy, I’m not sure what it was but it blew my mind just a little. It’s a lovely place to work or just hang out for a few hours and read.

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8. Nocturno

cafe nocturno jerusalem

Nocturno Bar has been a meeting point for Bohemians and intellectuals of the city for the past 21 years. Located near the market, everything is made fresh and they have a fabulous selection of vegan and veggie friendly sandwiches, freshly squeezed juices, and tasty coffee.

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9. Natural Choice Cafe

Another one I didn’t make it to, Natural Choice Cafe have a selection of vegan options that include raw and dehydrated food. They’re located just off Mahane Yahuda, so they’re good for a quick lunch when you’re sightseeing.

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10. Zmora Organi Restaurant and Store

zmora jerusalem vegan

zmora jerusalem vegan

Zmora has a fully vegetarian and mostly vegan counter at the front of their shop with loads of vegan food. Everything is organic, and a lot of things are also gluten free. In the health food store they have things such as vegan cheese and vegan ice cream, and nice things to bring back home such as plump dates, flavored dead sea salt and organic tahini.

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42 thoughts on “Vegan Jerusalem: my top 10 spots

  1. Mark

    Most vegans per capita in the world! Wow. No wonder you were able to do this post Hummus galore all around. I’d be interested in the carnivore side of the city as well but these dishes and photos look wonderful. Post saved for future reference!

  2. Alli Smith

    I visited Jerusalem a few years ago and I loved the food! I didn’t realize that this is a paradise for vegans. Yum – the food looks so good.

  3. Christy Maurer

    I would love to visit Jerusalem to visit all of the Biblical sites! It sounds like it would be such a great place to find vegan food too! I think I could become vegan if we had choices like that here!

  4. candy

    What a wonderful and spiritual place to visit Jerusalem. Looks like you enjoyed the food and then some. Great photos.

  5. Jeanette

    I am hungry just looking at the screen! I have never been to Jerusalem but I have wanted to go there for a very long time. It looks like there’s a lot of food to enjoy there too.

  6. Pam

    Wow, all of this food looks good. I am not even vegan and I would love all of these restaurants in Jerusalem.

  7. Katie Kinsley

    hummus is one of my favorite foods and I love it so much. These pictures make it look entirely delicious!

  8. David Elliott

    All of this food looks amazing. I do hope to make it out to Jerusalem at some point and now you have given me great food ideas when I go. Thank you.

  9. Stephanie Jeannot

    It is good to know that there are great eating options for those who do not eat meat. Excellent information to know!

  10. Debra Hawkins

    Oh my word. There are so many great options out there for Vegans! I am going to have to try some of these!

  11. Amanda Love

    I swear I could live on these and still not get tired of eating any of them. It’s good to know where to find good vegetarian grub in Jerusalem. I hungry looking at the photos!

  12. My Teen Guide

    Thanks for the list of places to dine in when in Jerusalem. That is one place I am wanting to visit! My husband and I really have to sit down and plan for our travels this year and include Jerusalem in the list.

  13. Emily

    Wow, all of that food looks amazing. I feel like I would eat out at restaurants all of the time if I had such good options as that for food.

  14. Anosa

    Wow, so many options to choose from! I love humus, and I miss eating it. Those are great suggestions. Hopefully these are available in the nearby areas.

  15. Fi Ni Neachtain

    How amazing that you got to visit Jerusalem and how interested that it’s said to have the most vegans per capita – I’d have never have known only for you sharing that fact. The food from each spot you’ve featured looks absolutely delicious – very healthy and wholesome.

  16. Mihaela Dragan

    These dishes look so yummy! I’m not a vegan myself, but I do love vegan food. Hopefully I will visit Jerusalem again and taste some of them. Thanks for the inspiration and great pictures.

  17. Paula Bendfeldt

    I have never been to Jerusalem but it’s at the top of my travel bucket list. All of this food looks amazing an it’s such a great list of restaurants to try. I’m pinning this post so I can have this around when I visit.

  18. Agnes

    Ooh, this is making me hungry! Jerusalem is one of the must visit places at the top of my list. Being a food lover I would also love to experience their food, looks delicious.

  19. gee

    I visited the Vegetarian Shawarma when I went to Jerusalem for TBEX. Let’s just say I got a lot more than I bargained for… I asked for falafel and salad, expecting just that, and they gave me an entire giant stuffed pitta with said falafel and threw in a free soya shawarma on the salad. I had lots of leftovers for the next day and would definitely recommend the place if you like eating!

    I also tried Village Green and found it lovely 🙂

  20. Suze

    I’m yet to visit Tel Aviv, we were hoping to go there this year. The shakshuka looks so tasty, and I’m a big hummus fan too! Happy Easter, Amelie!

  21. Katie Baxter

    You went to TBEX?? I was there too!

    I love all the food in Israel/Palestine. I haven’t tried any of these places in Jerusalem however, will give one or two of them a go when I am there in the fall.

    Thanks for the tips!


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