Vegan Montreal: My Favorite Restaurants

I took advantage of being back in my old quarters to check out the vegan Montreal scene and see what was cracking. I was super excited to see that most of my old fave vegan restaurants in Montreal were still alive and well, and even more excited to discover that there were quite a few newcomers, making Montreal one of the most vegan-friendly cities I’ve lived in – not far behind Berlin and upping the vegan restaurants Montreal count to a competitive level.

Vegan Montreal

Being vegan in Montreal seems to be the hip thing to do right now and I am really not complaining! So without further ado, here is what I think are the best vegan Montreal offerings at the moment! If you’re after vegetarian restaurants Montreal has you covered the same way too (just eat vegan lol).

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Vegan Montreal: My Favorite Restaurants


vegan montreal - LOV

LOV is probably my favorite vegan restaurant in Montreal. Stylish, upscale without being stuffy, imaginative, and 100% vegan. Not only is the interior straight out of an Instagram junky’s wet dreams, but the food is also absolutely incredible, if on the pricey end of things. But you do get what you pay for: this is laid-back vegan fine dining at its best. LOV stands for Local, Organic and Vegan. The wine menu is also excellent, and the place is always full of cool people. Classy-boho-kimchi-hipster, in all the best ways possible! Great for brunch too. One of the best vegan Montreal options. Make sure you make a reservation.

464 McGill St, H2Y 2H2
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aux vivres vegan restaurant montreal

A staple of the Montreal vegan food scene since like forever, Aux Vivres is still going strong, and has even expanded its dining room and opened a take-away counter next door. In fact, it is more popular than ever – with great reasons. The food is incredible and will satisfy vegans and carnivores alike with offers such as bowls (the dragon bowl is a classic favorite), sandwiches and salads and the famous weekend brunch. There is also a selection of desserts to boot. One of the longer-standing Montreal vegan restaurants, worth a visit!

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sushi momo

Another one that’s expanded and outgrown its location twice (and gone fully vegan since I was last here!), Sushi Momo offers an explosive contemporary twist on sushi and flavors coming from different cuisines (the Mumbai futomaki is the bomb). The menu is huge and intriguing and I cannot wait to go back to sample some more. Out with the boring avocado and cucumber rolls, that’s for sure. Best vegan restaurants in Montreal in the sushi category, no doubt. Also worth checking out is Bloom Sushi!

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copper branch vegan restaurant in montreal, quebec, canada

Montreal born and bred Copper Branch prides itself of being the first 100% vegan food chain in the province. With a few outlets scattered across the city and a choice of sandwiches, burgers, bowls, chilli and soups that all make me a little sad I no longer call Montreal home, Copper Branch is the perfect little spot for a healthy bite. The warm yet industrial interior with raw wood counters and copper light fixings lends itself to lingering and people watching (I enjoyed the Ste-Catherine location perpendicular from Square Cabot a lot). Many gluten-free and fully organic options available.

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chu chai thai vegan restaurant in montreal, quebec, canada

A pioneer on the vegan food scene in Montreal, ChuChai has been opened since 1997 and serves Thai food done with a selection of soy and seitan-based mock meat as well as many vegetable-only dishes. I’m generally not much for mock meat, but some dishes here are really nice! Nice ambience and great service also. Try the larb, green curry and green papaya salads – all my Thai favorites, done right!

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mandy's vegan montreal

When I left Montreal 10 years ago, Mandy’s was an obscure salad delivery service that was hushed to one another through the grapevines. No idea who was behind it, but they delivered some of the best salads I have ever eaten of my life. And that comes from a person that doesn’t even like salad. Fast forward to today, and Mandy’s is a well-known quirky salad chain sprinkled all across town. You’ll find a bit of everything (not just vegan), my favorite being the crunchy sesame salad (romaine lettuce, mixed greens, avocado, mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, crunchy noodles, toasted sesame seeds). Crunchy, savory, sweet, and filling.

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chai yo montreal

I stumbled on Chai-Yo walking up St-Denis and got curious at the all vegan offering and the lure of the tag line – “Experience the fusion of street food and cherished family recipes at Chai-Yo! Our vegan Thai and Chinese creations reimagine childhood comfort with a contemporary twist”. Well, ok. What a sweet, family-owned place! If you like Chuchai, you’ll love Chai-Yo. The food is spicy and felt super traditional. Highly recommended!

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Lola Rosa

lola rosa

Lola Rosa is a cute little neighborhood cafe that is all vegan with a lot of gluten-free options. I wouldn’t say that it’s out of this world incredible, but it’s very good and if you find yourself in the neighborhood, it’s a no-brainer. A good variety of dishes including a vegan poutine, some burgers, and curries. A little bit of everything for all tastes in a great ambiance. Why not!

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Mimi & Jones

Mimi & Jones

I was sadly unable to visit Mimi & Jones but adding it anyway as it sounds amazing. A full menu of vegan fast food diner with a quebec flair, including poutine (obviously), pancakes with maple syrup, lots of burger, and even a club sandwich (my childhood!). Top that with a float and end with a slide of homemade pie. Ahhhh, next time!

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